Whew — its been awhile since Ive written anything!  That’s what happens when you spend a week “Organizing On Location”.  I’m back on schedule next week with Organizing Ideas (and man do I have some good ones)!

I wanted to reflect today on personal development…

The loss of a great innovator like Steve Jobs got me thinking about my personal development and the development of others.  This was an incredible man who followed his passion and built some amazing products.  Did people tell him he couldn’t or shouldn’t?  I’m sure they did.  But he went on and built them anyways.  How motivating and inspiring!

We all get so lost and caught up in the “coulda”, “woulda”,  “shoulda” that we hear from everyday life (family, friends, news, coworkers, etc).  I think it is hard for many of us to break the cycle of living for what we are told to live for….not what we want to live for.  What do you want to live for — who do you want to be — what do you want to accomplish?  Instead of dreaming about and talking about — I would love to hear back from you on what you are doing about it!

SJP once said (and I paraphase) ‘We should really enjoy the journey of life and not get caught up on the destination and the get rich quick or get happy quick idea’.

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