Cord Chaos…

In todays high tech society we are over run with cords — USB cords, iPod charging cord, laptop, printer, & internet cord, TV cords!  I call it Cord Chaos and it drives me bananas (as Im sure it does you as well)!

Suggestions on managing the cord chaos:*

*My suggestions are product suggestions as Ive found these are the best solutions.  Ive tried the cheap and easy (twist ties & handwritten labels).  It works, but not well.

1.  Bobino Cord Wraps:  Great for storing cords that you dont use on an everyday basis (cameras, USB, iPod/iPhone charger, headphones)

3 different sizes:  Small ($2.99), Medium ($3.99), Large ($4.99)

Medium is my favorite size — small is a little too small for me BUT great for earphones

2.  Cord Clip:  Great for storing large cords (extension cords, printer cables, anything extra that you keep on hand but is too large for twist ties) ($5.99)

Its like a huge plastic clothespin!





3.  Cable IDs:  flexible identifiers for cords.  They dont corral your cables but are great at labeling what is what.  Ideal for TV/Entertainment systems & Home Office/Computers ($7.99/8pk)



4.  Cable Zipper:  One of the best ways to corral cables together.  Not for labeling cables.  ($14.99)




5.  Flexi Ties:  Great for storing and for shortening cables that you are currently using.  Example:  10′ HDMI cord that is 8′ too long and intertwined with all the other cords creating a huge mess? ($7.99/6 pk)



6.  Kableflags: My favorite way to label cords!  I love these things! ($6.99/10 pk)

7. “Command Hooks” make some really interesting cable management devices but they are for your wall.  Example:  You want to run a power cord down the wall and keep it from sticking out.  Staples will do but command makes a few options that are much more efficient

All of these products are available at The Container Store.  I have done the legwork and you cannot find anything related to cord management anywhere else (Target — no, Walmart — no, Lowes — no, Office Max — no)

What are your thoughts on any of these products?  Do they seem too expensive?  Is there something that you dont see but think would be ideal for you?  I love questions and ideas! 🙂

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