“Holiday Stress” & Excess Consumerism…

Christmas is here — or so it seems with the commercials, ads for gifts, and music playing on “preview weekend”.  I love Christmas as much as the next person, but sometimes I feel we rush it.  Its rushed because of retail — they need to make a buck and know that you are ready to spend.

I get bent out of shape on the topic of “holiday stress” & our need to buy, buy, buy!  Lets put the brakes on that cycle right now — I suggest yanking up the emergency brake!  Before the holiday spending season really smacks us in the face, I challenge you to stop a minute and reassess the reason for the season. 🙂

What stresses you the most during the holidays?  I’ll go out on a limb and guess it is buying presents, not forgetting anyone on your gift list, traffic & long lines (they go together in my mind), and racking up credit card balances during the process.  Excess consumerism — do you think buying a bunch of gifts is the best way to show love and appreciation? How about a nice phone call to catch up, and I mean really catch up.  Do you think that person who you are frantically searching for the right gift (and reasonably priced) really needs another candle, bottle of body wash, coffee maker, etc? My guess is their house is overflowing with plenty of stuff and they NEED nothing to make life complete.

Why do we feel the need to pack our tree skirts full of presents?  Is it because we have been programmed to see Christmas as a time of giving…presents?

What is your reason for the season?

Mine is family, friends, and those that matter the most to me!  It is a time of celebration and appreciation for everything that you have in your life and everyone close to you.  And as an extra bonus I love the Christmas music, Christmas movies (Home Alone, anyone?), and all the gorgeous decorations that surround us!

My challenge to you … put the brakes on the gift giving, stress cycle and stop to re-evaluate the meaning of Christmas to you.  Then shine from that place the rest of the season.

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