Planning Weekly Meals…

The dreaded run to the grocery store.  I love to cook and create a delicious meal just as much as the next, but I dread making out a grocery list and planning the weekly meals.  However, I equally hate not having a plan and scrambling to figure out whats for dinner each and every night.

If you have a Recipe Binder (see last weeks post), then making out your grocery list is more fun.  You can flip through your binder and decide what to have each night from your organized array of recipes.  Remember to change it up and try a new recipe or two each week.

Another way to make life easier is to refer to your inventory list.  Inventory what you have on hand (freezer, refrigerator, and pantry).  If you already have 3 lbs of ground beef, then decide to make tacos or spaghetti one night.

Write out your meals for each day of the week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).  Use the menu to transfer needed ingredients to the grocery list.

I challenge you to take this a step further and organize the list according to how the store is laid out (produce, bread, canned goods, coffee, etc).  If nothing else — organize by type.

Next week — how to plan your meals around whats on sale and coupons! 🙂

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