I Resolve To…Lose Sight of the Shore

Well it is here … 2012!  I admit, I am a New Years junkie.  I love the fresh start, clean slab, opportunistic, and optimistic feeling that comes with ringing in that brand new year!  I always make New Years resolutions and they tend to look something like this: lose 5 pounds, keep a food journal, travel to a new place, read 3 books a month.  I wanted to go bigger and broader this year … but I must admit those other resolutions were included too … old habits die hard!

So this year, in beautiful 2012, I resolve to “Lose sight of the shore“.

So true!  I tend to hold on … well cling to is more like it … to the old and true.  Old routines, things I know, my Safe Place, my Comfort Zone.  Who doesn’t … it feels nice in the comfort zone?  I resolve to lose sight of the shore … let go of the warm & fuzzies … try new things on for size.  You just have to for it.  Live actively (my new personal motto— my alarm clock reminds me to do just that when it beeps every morning).

I have struggled with that in the past … well no more!  Just do it (thanks Nike)!  I plan to keep you all in the loop as I try on new things (sky diving anyone?) 🙂

What did you resolve to do differently this year?

2 thoughts on “I Resolve To…Lose Sight of the Shore

  1. As my favorite saying goes … “Jump … and the net will appear”

    Taking risks is the only way to truly get the reward at the end. Not just in business, but life in general. We always have to push ourselves to get better, try new things, and actually enjoy life. Don’t just survive it. I’ll make sure to keep pushing you! 🙂

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