Shooting for the Stars…


A lot of people write about setting goals and sticking to them — even I have written about that!  Resolutions, goals for the new year, how to lose 5 lbs by June — all are excellent ways to improve your short term life — but what about the big stuff.  The big picture.  Your life.  What are your goals for your life?  Sounds kind of weird — are we supposed to have goals for our lives?  Well I think so — I think we are supposed to shoot for the stars.  Why not –there is but one chance in life, not seconds.

I must have a big end goal in mind or I will never push myself.

Example:  If I know that I am running 5 miles today, then I might run a faster pace. But if I dont know how far Im going to run, then I will run slower as to not tire too quickly.

Do you push your limit — do you push your edge?  What do you shoot for?

Im shooting for a life full of experiences and memories.  I dont strive for a lot of money and a lot of stuff.  Sure a pretty outfit and a nice car makes life a little more enjoyable, but I want to see and experience.  In essence, I want to travel and “do stuff”.  The people around you and the memories you make are worth more than money in the bank, the car you drive, and the brands you wear.


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