My Organizing Weakness…

We all have a weakness in our organizing system.  Im not afraid to say that I strive for perfectly organized.  I am a slight perfectionist — or maybe saying I am meticulous is a better way to put it.  I get it honest — I get it from my Momma! 😉  {Hey Mom, ❤ you!}

But … with that said … I have 2 organizational weaknesses.

1) My home office

2) Beauty products.

It is so hard for me to find the right system in my home office.  Bullentin boards for inspiration — how do I keep up with project ideas — paper or electronic — do I need another table because my desk aint that big!  Another reason why I struggle here is investing money in “equipment”.  I will be moving in a few months and it is hard for me to investment in more office furniture when I know that the set up will be different soon.  Yet I want it all to magically work NOW! 🙂

And makeup and beauty products.  My oh my.  The #1 problem here is coupons.  Yes, coupons.  I can usually get these products pretty cheap because of blasted coupons and sales.  It is hard to pass up another bottle of shampoo when the total cost is $0.50.  I took inventory of my shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and body washes a few months back.  I was bad — I had 10 bottles of shampoo, and its only me!  I dont have 5 heads of hair to wash on a daily basis!  I had to stop.  But then there is the makeup.  You know, the kind that is old (like 2 years old) and in a really unflattering color (’80’s blue eyeshadow).  Yea those — well I have a hard time throwing these things away.  I dont like the makeup!  In fact, I only wear Mary Kay now! So it should go in the trash — but it doesnt. *Sigh* Somewhere deep inside I want to wear it until it is all gone.  Get my moneys worth!  All while looking silly in blue eyeshadow and teal eyeliner.  And in case you were wondering — no I am not the kind of gal that can pull that off!

Good Grief — what is your organizational weakness? 🙂

Until next time…

6 thoughts on “My Organizing Weakness…

  1. My Organize weakness is a box of Fingernail polish! Some are really old and gooey. I go through it sometimes and only end up throwing away one or two and I dont even wear any of them. I will usually go out ant buy a new polish to wear and then its thrown in the polish graveyard.

    • Lisa,
      That is super funny! I know someone else with that same weakness *cough*cough*mom*. 🙂 I had a box of nailpolish goop as well! I threw away the old ones and vowed to never buy another cheap bottle of nail polish again! The cheap ones always chip in a day or two. It is OPI only here on out! 🙂
      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! Its like you have seen my own bathroom cabinet! You have inspired me to go right now and clean that puppy out! Good bye goopy nail polish, good rinse almost empty shampoos, I am making room for organization, on my way to clearing out the clutter, and clearing up my mind in the process.

    Thank you, Jennifer!


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