25 Things…

  1. Do you ever forget Easter as a holiday?
  2. I do.  Its never the same day each year!
  3. I think my dental hygienist was offended that I didnt have Easter plans.
  4. Who makes plans for Easter?
  5. No seriously, I want to know…what do you do fun for Easter?!
  6. Maybe I need to jump on the fun bandwagon.
  7. Speaking of fun stuff … I am a planner at heart. In the process of planning fun stuff.
  8. Shocking….I know!
  9. It is a full time job!
  10. Trying to find out the cool, fun things to do….and the people to do it with you.
  11. Full.Time.J.O.B.
  12. What is the best way to get my fun ideas out to everyone who might be interested?
  13. Email list?
  14. E-vites?
  15. Facebook?
  16. Yes, I organize everything!
  17. So I watched a movie this past weekend.
  18. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
  19. Wowsa — great movie!
  20. Must see it again!
  21. Definitely think that Rooney Mara is a great actress.
  22. Totally dont remember her in The Social Network.
  23. Yea… she was in that movie.
  24. Dude’s girlfriend.
  25. Wont win any awards for that performance.  The girl that is.

Hope your week has been spectacular!

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “25 Things…

  1. For Easter? ok, I usually plan to go to Sunrise service at my church or beach. Make my daughter and husband easter baskets full of goodies. Then I do an Easter dinner of some sort. If there are kids involved, I will do an Easter Egg hunt. So, tell your mom to go hide some eggs for you already! And I want to see that Movie with the dragon tattoo girl. !

    • She asked me if I was dying Easter eggs this year — my face had to been priceless. Imagine: *teenager rolling her eyes with attitude* “Psh, no, eh”. Ha.

      Looks like this year will be Masters, Masters, Masters. Silly golf. 😉

  2. We attend our Easter service at our home church each year and then either attend or coordinate a brunch/lunch with friends or family (we live long-distance from our relatives so it’s not always an extended family affair) We usually find an egg hunt or set one up for our kiddos as well.

    I’ve been hearing good things about the book, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” maybe it’s time I read that one too! (huge reader when i get up the gumption to START a book, I totally get absorbed and can’t put it down) 🙂 I got ‘The Hunger Games’ series for a Christmas gift and read all of them in under a week. Just saw that movie too – yep, i’m the ‘planner girl’ like you that coordinated the girls-night-out to see it! I tend to use FB & email as a means of planning group events these days.

    Thanks for your note on my most recent operation organization – mn blog post – i replied on there to you. 🙂


    • That sounds like a super nice Easter!

      My mom read the book and said both were equally great (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). I think I might have to read that and the Hunger Games! Im the same — once you start a book (hard part) then the rest is down hill! Who cares what is on tv…you have a book to read! 🙂

      I like the idea of FB — do you just send group messages or create an event?

      • a little of both – for the movie night i first just updated my status to say ‘who wants to go see the hunger games with me on saturday night?’ {on a monday}, then, depending on who responds i start messaging/emailing.

        most of my friends are busy mama’s, so if i’m want to plan something with less than a weeks notice and get the quickest response, that works pretty well. if i’m planning further in advance for a select group – then i’ll do fb messages or email – since not all my peeps are on fb much.

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