It’s Planting Season…

I might be jumping the start just a little, but with consistently warm spring-like weather, well my planting fingers are getting tingly.  {I have no idea what that means, it just came out while I was typing.} 😉

As I have mentioned, and I’m sure will mention again, I am moving in 2 months.  Yippee on the move.  Boo on the plants.  The new place will have a much different patio orientation than I have now.  Last year I had “THE” patio of the neighborhood.  I’m not that competitive, but I did check out the rest of the patios.  I safely secured that title!  Poor schmucks trying to out do me…Psh!

Back to the point, so I won’t be planting anything this spring.  😦  The sunny plants will die when I move…. and I really don’t feel like moving plants in general.  However, I thought I would give you a recap of what my beautiful patio looked like last year.  {Yes I took pictures…remember I won the award for best patio?!} 😉

Jennifer's Cute Little Patio
Sorry for the ugly round disc in the background {Thanks DirecTV}

One of my favorite plants. A stupid fat squirrel knocked it over and broke it halfway through the summer.

Hanging basket with white petunias - it was stunning!

Ill be posting gardening & planting tips later this week! 🙂  I had 3 “dream” jobs when I was little. 1) Interior Designer — so NOT good at this …. 2) Organizer — pretty good at this one! 😉 … 3) Landscape architect — love plants, hate bugs.  Still a big hobby of mine!

Happy {rainy} Monday!

Until next time…

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