It’s Planting Season {Tips}…

Do you have a green thumb?  I do … when it comes to vegetables and outdoor plants … not the case for indoor plants.  I kill them all.  Too much water.  Not enough water.  The little bugs that start to fly around freak me out.  So I stick to outdoor plants.

I love flowers, gardens, and all things pretty when it comes to outdoor spaces.  Love it!  I sketched my dream backyard when I was about 10 — I still have the sketch. 🙂  I always had ideas on how to make our yard prettier or how to make my grandmothers drab yard less so.  Love you Maw Maw. 😉

I used to get furious at my mom for not letting me pick out the flowers and for not letting me decide what went where.  I didnt understand the concept: her money, her yard, her “duty” to water and maintain. 😉

My dad and I started a garden in our backyard one summer.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever!  We planted too many tomato and pepper plants for a family of 3, but he is an over-the-top kinda guy when it comes to stuff like that.  The garden quickly became much less cool when it was my job to water, weed, and pick the “fruit”.

North Carolina + dead middle of winter + lazy teenager Jennifer = smelly garden and a lot of grumbling.  To this day my memories of that garden are of the delicious tomatoes, inviting my grandmother over for lunch dates {I stayed home by myself and would be very bored.  We had garden salad lunches}, and the stinky smell of vegetables “cooking” under the midday sun.  Oh yea, and the pico de gallo that we used to make…yum-e!

A few tips — that was the title of the post afterall! 😉

  • When shopping for flowers, pay special attention to:
    • Size (when mature), sun exposure, and watering tips.
  • You dont want to plant sunny and shady plants together.  Just like you dont plant flowers that survive on different levels of water together.
  • Stick to a color scheme.  Yellow, pink, purple, blue, white, etc will end up looking like a hot mess come middle of summer.
    • Pick one or two accent colors and buy a lot of white.
  • Plant on a dime
    • Let your friends and neighbors know you need plants.  Offer to remove any that they might be planning to tear out.
    • Find out about plant swaps in your area.
      • Local public gardens, cooperative extension offices, or garden clubs.
    • Remember that plants can be rescued.  Be patient.
    • Divide your perennials.  Split large plants three or four ways, then plant the divisions elsewhere in your garden.
      • I will be doing this when I have a real yard and garden one day!
  • Mix flowers and vegetables (or herbs).
  • If you plant herbs, make sure you trim the flowers right away.  Once the plant starts to flower, it will not produce more “herbs” stems/leaves.
    • *Learned this the hard way*
  • Water early in the morning.  Very early!
    • Later in the day and you will cook the flowers and plants.  The sun will heat up the water that is standing on the leaves and cook the plants.

More to come on starting a garden! 🙂

What are your favorite flowers to plant?

Until next time…

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