Yummy Dessertness…

I have been deemed “Official Taste Tester” for House of Madison Dessert Boutique.  🙂

My oh my — this could mean trouble!  I love sweets, any and all kind!  Cookies, pies, cupcakes, ice cream, cake pops, pies — oh I already said that. 😉

Maisha Cottman is the brains behind this operation.  House of Madison website.

As some of you know, I host organizing seminars with different groups around the region.  Each person who attends receives a goodie bag as part of the seminar.  Inside the bags are coupons for different local businesses.  Maisha decided to make some cookies as her advertisement.  All but one — or two — made it in the goodie bags.  Those cookies were out of this world!  I am not sure if the dough had lemon in it, but it was SO delicious.

Her cake pops are amazing as well.  Just sayin! 😉

Check her out if you are looking for someone to make a delicious cake for a party — or cake pops — or cookies! 🙂

Until next time…

Inside The Organizer’s Home {Files & Such}…

One last post about how I currently organize — before I move. 🙂  No telling how I will organize post-move!

Files & Such

It is safe to say that I hate filing cabinets.  They are industrial and clunky looking.  The trend is to overstuff and forget.  I see filing cabinets all the time when I walk into people’s homes. When I open them and ask what is inside, this is the general reply, “Oh I have no idea, I haven’t been in that cabinet in years!”

Oh my!  What’s the point?  It’s kinda a fire hazard.  😉

We all need to file and keep certain things.  Insurance papers. Bills. Taxes. Important estate documents.  Etc.

I know there is a huge trend towards paperless, but in my opinion we are not there yet.  So what to do with those files.

Since I hate filing cabinets, I trend towards file boxes.  Almost every store that sells organizing stuff sells them.  Target has the best ones (btw).  Mine are from The Container Store … surprise surprise I know. 🙂

Here is a peak inside one of them.

Now where to store these boxes.  Since they are decorative, I put them on my trusty Expedit bookcase.  If I was putting them in a closet, I might go with something less decorative and expensive.

The Expedit bookcase is by far my favorite piece of furniture from IKEA!  I am thinking about creating a Pin Board just around that obsession! 😉

Now on to the “Such”.  We all know I am not Crafty McCrafterson.  But I do own a few crafty supplies.  Stickers (totally addicted to collecting stickers…this dates back to my childhood).  Cardstock.  Acrylic paint.  Spray paint.  Ribbon.  Etc.

I organize these items in photo boxes labeled accordingly.  The boxes are from Michaels and are about $2 each.  Not too bad.  For some reason, these boxes have been stored in plain sight in my living room.  I don’t think I will carry that forward when I move.

I will be updating the binders post-move.  Martha Stewarts new line is calling my name! 🙂

I also plan to purchase photo albums post-move.  I have not decided on style yet, which is why I keep dragging my feet on that project!

Do you have any good ideas to share on how to organize your files or “such”? 🙂

Until next time…

25 Things of Wonderful Randomness…

  1. Have I ever mentioned I hate traffic?
  2. And I hate waiting.
  3. That seems to be all I did today.
  4. I don’t get very political but…
  5. Mr. Biden, could you have picked a better day to come to Charlotte?
  6. Your Secret Service didn’t need to have the city on lockdown.
  7. Especially the one building that I needed to go to today.
  8. And don’t get me started on Speed Street.
  9. Why can’t you ever find iPhone 3gs Cases at TJ Maxx?
  10. This old school girl still has an old school phone.
  11. I need a new case! 
  12. Stupid fast moving technology.
  13. Hold on a second… let us catch up!
  14. So I’m moving in a few weeks….
  15. I know, I know…I keep talking about it.
  16. Well, this whole process is…*challenging*
  17. My apartment = disaster! 
  18. Unbelievably stressful!
  19. Do you take on more than you can handle?
  20. I feel like that … a little.
  21. How in the heck am I going to get all this done!
  22. And why on Earth do I have so much energy at 11pm
  23. Every. Single. Night.
  24. Not good for my sleep routine.
  25. Or my health….Good grief!
Until next time…

Vision Boards…

I recently attended a Vision Board party at my friend Sandra’s home.  I went for two reasons: 1) I don’t miss a chance to hang with Sandra…ever 😉 and 2) I wanted to make new friends.  I had put together a vision board last year, so I had mentally opted out of the activity.

When I got there, I changed my mind.  I credit that to the wonderful women and energy in the room.

So I ask — have you created a vision board?  If so, I would love to see it!  Email it to me! 🙂

What are your thoughts on vision boards?  Some think it is hokey….which is why I ask.

I learned about vision boards while reading Success Principles by Jack Canfield.  The idea was to visually put your future dreams and goals out to the universe and the universe will respond.  Or something like that.

Here is what my old vision board looked like:

Vision Board (2011)

Side View

Other Side

I will post my new {still in process} board tomorrow.  I would love to show off your board!  Make sure to email me your thoughts and picture! 🙂


Until next time…


Where do you get those coupons…

Surprise for you folks today! 🙂  My dear friend, Lauren Nix, is guest blogging {again}! 🙂  She wrote a post awhile back that got a lot of exposure and comments — so she is at it again! 🙂


The QBIC {Queen Bee in Couponing that is!!} has made a return!!  I’m back and super excited that Jennifer has requested another round of my couponing savviness. My previous guest post, ‘Goodbye Coupon Chaos’, had some great comments and questions from her readers, therefore creating today’s spinoff post.

A few readers wanted to know who, or what websites, I follow for my deals.  My first experience with couponing, and very first transaction, can be credited to Crystal at MoneySavingMom.com.   Her site is GREAT for beginners OR seasoned couponers, such as myself.  Her site is very well rounded with grocery deals, retail deals, how to create a budget, and tips for a more simplistic life.  Once I felt I was armed with enough coupon knowledge, I ventured out to other blogs/sites.  Now, please don’t become overwhelmed because WOW…there is a TON out there!!  I researched a number of sites and finally found that Jenny at SouthernSavers.com works best for me.  She is my go-to girl for grocery & drug store matchups.

You’ll need to take into consideration the ladies (or gents) who run these blogs are widespread across the U.S.  Coupons and sales are regional and are subject to varying. I love Southern Savers because 99% of the time her matchups are spot-on with my current ad. However, there are times when she may have a slight variance in her ad. Therefore, I make it a habit to visit other smaller, local-to-me blogs for the most accurate matchups.  It is my goal to use coupons and time efficiently.

Organizing your coupons allows you to match your current store deals quickly & with ease; therefore, saving you time, money and keeping you on budget.  Otherwise, you’ll have one big pile of mess and will be more likely to quit before you even start.  Take the time to organize your coupons each week using whatever method works best for you and your lifestyle.  Check out my previous post here for solutions on organizing those coupons.

Another great tip is meal planning.  I highly recommend this for families of 4 or more.   You will be amazed at the cost saved each month by planning your meals around your weekly sales.  You will also be less likely to throw out expired foods.  Take a quick inventory of your cabinets before shopping–Use what you have on hand first!  Look over your sales ads and start planning.  I recently stumbled upon a meal planning site called Food On The Table.  This site uses your local store’s ad and compiles recipes with the current sales.   Super easy…and again, using your time efficiently!!  Hurry over to Food on the Table and get their online meal planning service FREE for life when you use promo code SPRINGFREE throughout the month of May.

Have any awesome tips?  I’m always game for extra advice! 🙂

Be sure to check out her blog as well:  Bella Pink Vida.


Thanks Lauren!  Such great advice!  I must say organizing coupons and planning your meals is a great way to use your time and money wisely.  When I know what’s for dinner everyday of the week, it makes my grocery shopping more streamlined, and my week less stressful.  Pesto Chicken tonight honey! 😉

Oh what fun …

So I know I have said over and over how much fun I had in Los Angeles.  What I left out was how much fun all the people were!  The 3M Ladies were no exception!  I had a great time with them chatting about their lives and career.

The 3M Ladies!
Gina, Erica, & Jamie

About halfway through the day, Erica came over with a folder and a smile.  You could tell she was up to something.  She opened the folder to reveal a picture of me — that was just taken by the way.  She says (with the biggest smile ever), “Will you autograph this picture for one of our coworkers?”


Erica & Jamie were presenting the Post-It Notes Necessorize project to 3M and the marketing team.  They flashed my headshot up on the screen so everyone could see who they chose.  Their coworker, Jim, stopped in his tracks and said aloud, “She is cute!”  I think he was a little embarrassed and the girls wanted to pull a joke on him.



We added the beautifully autographed picture of our Post-it(R) Necessorize(TM) Hollywood Star to our co-worker Jim’s photo wall in his office. See below for his big smile…..”

There I am!

Absolutely hilarious!  And Hollywood Star? *Blushing*

Thank you ladies for a great opportunity and a wonderful time!  It was a pleasure meeting each of you! 🙂

Until next time…

Happy Birthday … to Raymond

Happy Friday everyone — and a Happy Birthday to Raymond! 🙂

Williamsburg Winery, Oct 2011

What can I say about Raymond?  Well to start, he is my best friend! 🙂  Without him, I would have given up on my business and myself long ago.  He is my words of wisdom, words of advice, business manager, best friend, the list goes on and on.  He and I can have the best conversations on any given day.  I like big talk (aka stimulating conversation).  He can cook like no one’s business.  We all know I like to cook, and am pretty darn good at it if I say so myself.  He is a different kind of chef — a resourceful one.  He can make gourmet out of pasta-in-a-box and veggies.  He can flip eggs and pancakes in the skillet.  I cannot — mine ends up in the floor.  He is — my favorite person in the world. 🙂 ♥ You Raymond!

Our 10 Year High School Reunion – yes we went to high school together. 🙂

Now, we all know I love my birthday.  It baffles me sometimes when other people don’t love their birthday as much as I love mine.  Raymond is somewhere in the middle of “love love” and “it’s just another day”.  He is spending the day at the golf course — just another day at the office for him.  We are heading to Alive After Five at Piedmont Row this evening.  Live music, good food (hello Del Friscos), and a good time.  His birthday present:  the beginning of his brand.  I am having his logo digitized and business cards made.  More to come on this later.

Until next time…


What to do with all your stuff…

I get asked this a lot — I have all this stuff I don’t want — now what!

First, congratulations for clearing out the unwanted items.  Second, this should be the easy part.  Third, don’t make this into several projects for yourself.

The mistake I see most people make is getting bogged down with what to do with their stuff.  If you think something has value, then research it on eBay.  If it is worth more than $50, sell it; if not, then donate it.  Pick 2-3 charities/places that you would like to donate and be done with it.

Don’t fret over finding the perfect match for everything.  Why?  Because that stuff will never leave your house!  You will have wasted all that precious time and energy clearing it out — to sit in the floor “waiting” for a home.  Get it out — now! 🙂

With that said — here are some suggestions on what to do with all your unwanted stuff.

*Computers:  Erase personal data before selling or donating.  Try the Eraser software (eraser.heidi.ie).


  • Ebay
  • Craigslist
  • Amazon (great for books)
  • Gazelle (buy used electronics)
  • Consignment stores
    • Name brand clothing (yes, Talbots. no, Target)
    • Home goods in excellent condition


  • Best Buy
    • Electronic devices (computers, cameras, Blu-ray players)
    • Start the process online
    • Drop off: prepaid mailer or in-store.
    • Receive an electronic gift card for value.
    • Best Buy erases your data before disposing of it.
  • Target
    • Electronic devices (phones, cameras, tablets, iPods, GPS units, etc)
    • Drop off: prepaid mailer or in-store
    • Receive Target gift card for value.
  • RadioShack
    • Electronic devices (similar to above)
    • Drop off: in-store
    • Apply value to a purchase or receive a gift card.
  • Apple
    • iPads, iPhones, iPods, computers (any brand)
    • Receive a gift card for value (only for items that can be reused).
    • If item cannot be reused, then Apple recycles.
  • Kodak
    • Cameras (all brands), camera accessories, printers
    • Drop off: prepaid mailer
    • Receive check for value
    • Will give you recycling options


  • Goodwill
  • Salvation Army
  • National Cristina Foundation
    • Will find an organization that can use your computer, printer, cameras, fax machine, etc
    • Group will arrange pickup or drop off with you
  • The Kidney Foundation
  • Classroom Central
    • Charlotte, NC
    • Paper supplies, pens, pencils, stickers, etc
    • Teachers purchase these supplies at a deep discount.
  • Humane Society/Dog Rescues
    • Gently used blankets, towels, comforters
    • Use them for dog bedding
  • The National Furniture Bank Association
    • Gently used beds, dressers, tables, chairs, couches, lamps
  • Dress for Success
    • Larger skirts, pant suits, blouses, blazers, jackets, shoes
    • No men’s clothing, accessories, sportswear, or casual items
  • Soles4Souls
    • New or gently used shoes
    • Will even take singles
  • iLoveSchools
    • New or gently used notebooks, binders, art supplies, and backpacks
  • Bags4Kids
    • Backpacks, duffels, and tote bags

I know this list is long and probably overwhelming — so pick 2 to 3! 🙂

Stella & Dot {Jewelry}…

As I have said over & over…& over, I don’t own a lot of any one thing.  Jewelry is included in that category.  Not sure if this is because I’m too cheap {yep, I admit it} or because I hate to shop {*gasp*}.  Or because….nevermind…not the point. 😉

I recently attended a Stella & Dot jewelry party.  I was invited by the host to showcase jewelry organizing ideas.  Well, I kinda got sucked into the jewelry {totally not the plan}.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces. 🙂








Lovely, right? 🙂  I might have to work some of these into rewards for my resolutions/goals. 😉

Until next time…

Momma, Happy Mother’s Day!

Graduation 2010

My mom deserves a big hug, kiss, thank you, and more for being my mother.  I know it hasn’t been easy … an only child who is rather independent can be a handful … at times.  😉

If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “You look just like your mom”, I would be a millionnaire.  It is no denying who my mom is.

My mom made me who I am today … yes Dad did too … but it isn’t Father’s Day.

I get it from my momma … I get it honest.  A lot of things.  Good looks.  Smile.  Attitude. 😉

Older picture – but one of my faves. 🙂

I’m not sure when “friend” was added to our relationship … but my mom is definitely my friend.  I call her to talk about anything and everything.  I try not to call too much … I don’t want to wear her out and she is a busy woman afterall!

Unconditional love and support is all anyone can ever ask for.  And it is exactly what I got as a child and now as an adult.

Thank you Mommy for everything that you have done for me and the love and support that you continue to shower upon me!  I ♥ You. 🙂