25 Random Things {L.A. Style}…

“Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to Los Angeles” 🙂

  1. Why do I always attract the strangest people?
  2. No I do not want to grab a cup of coffee with you — did you realize you are missing all your teeth and smell of cigarette smoke?
  3. Knew this guy’s whole life story.
  4. By 5:45am.
  5. While standing in line for security.
  6. Good grief — too early for this nonsense.
  7. So …the girl on my connector flight…
  8. Talky, talky, talky!
  9. Hello … don’t you know it is 7am!
  10. I felt bad for her neighbor.
  11. Dramamine is a girls best friend
  12. Especially when she hates long flights.
  13. That is me.
  14. I barely made it on the plane in Atlanta.
  15. Sleepy sleepy.
  16. Pretty sure I started to snore.
  17. So… driving in L.A…. Interesting
  18. I got lost.
  19. About 15 times.
  20. I have the cutest rental car ever.
  21. I suck at driving it.
  22. I keep pushing down the clutch.
  23. Yea … it is an automatic.
  24. Wardrobe fitting was today.
  25. This is a crazy experience. 🙂

Until next time…

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