Oh what fun …

So I know I have said over and over how much fun I had in Los Angeles.  What I left out was how much fun all the people were!  The 3M Ladies were no exception!  I had a great time with them chatting about their lives and career.

The 3M Ladies!
Gina, Erica, & Jamie

About halfway through the day, Erica came over with a folder and a smile.  You could tell she was up to something.  She opened the folder to reveal a picture of me — that was just taken by the way.  She says (with the biggest smile ever), “Will you autograph this picture for one of our coworkers?”


Erica & Jamie were presenting the Post-It Notes Necessorize project to 3M and the marketing team.  They flashed my headshot up on the screen so everyone could see who they chose.  Their coworker, Jim, stopped in his tracks and said aloud, “She is cute!”  I think he was a little embarrassed and the girls wanted to pull a joke on him.



We added the beautifully autographed picture of our Post-it(R) Necessorize(TM) Hollywood Star to our co-worker Jim’s photo wall in his office. See below for his big smile…..”

There I am!

Absolutely hilarious!  And Hollywood Star? *Blushing*

Thank you ladies for a great opportunity and a wonderful time!  It was a pleasure meeting each of you! 🙂

Until next time…

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