25 Things of Wonderful Randomness…

  1. Have I ever mentioned I hate traffic?
  2. And I hate waiting.
  3. That seems to be all I did today.
  4. I don’t get very political but…
  5. Mr. Biden, could you have picked a better day to come to Charlotte?
  6. Your Secret Service didn’t need to have the city on lockdown.
  7. Especially the one building that I needed to go to today.
  8. And don’t get me started on Speed Street.
  9. Why can’t you ever find iPhone 3gs Cases at TJ Maxx?
  10. This old school girl still has an old school phone.
  11. I need a new case! 
  12. Stupid fast moving technology.
  13. Hold on a second… let us catch up!
  14. So I’m moving in a few weeks….
  15. I know, I know…I keep talking about it.
  16. Well, this whole process is…*challenging*
  17. My apartment = disaster! 
  18. Unbelievably stressful!
  19. Do you take on more than you can handle?
  20. I feel like that … a little.
  21. How in the heck am I going to get all this done!
  22. And why on Earth do I have so much energy at 11pm
  23. Every. Single. Night.
  24. Not good for my sleep routine.
  25. Or my health….Good grief!
Until next time…

1 thought on “25 Things of Wonderful Randomness…

  1. Talk about old school. I havent even got an Iphone yet. (Whats 3g?) My phone stilll slides open for a key board and I thought that was moving up. HA! Great Post. Thanks for shairing.!!!

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