Inside The Organizer’s Home {Files & Such}…

One last post about how I currently organize — before I move. 🙂  No telling how I will organize post-move!

Files & Such

It is safe to say that I hate filing cabinets.  They are industrial and clunky looking.  The trend is to overstuff and forget.  I see filing cabinets all the time when I walk into people’s homes. When I open them and ask what is inside, this is the general reply, “Oh I have no idea, I haven’t been in that cabinet in years!”

Oh my!  What’s the point?  It’s kinda a fire hazard.  😉

We all need to file and keep certain things.  Insurance papers. Bills. Taxes. Important estate documents.  Etc.

I know there is a huge trend towards paperless, but in my opinion we are not there yet.  So what to do with those files.

Since I hate filing cabinets, I trend towards file boxes.  Almost every store that sells organizing stuff sells them.  Target has the best ones (btw).  Mine are from The Container Store … surprise surprise I know. 🙂

Here is a peak inside one of them.

Now where to store these boxes.  Since they are decorative, I put them on my trusty Expedit bookcase.  If I was putting them in a closet, I might go with something less decorative and expensive.

The Expedit bookcase is by far my favorite piece of furniture from IKEA!  I am thinking about creating a Pin Board just around that obsession! 😉

Now on to the “Such”.  We all know I am not Crafty McCrafterson.  But I do own a few crafty supplies.  Stickers (totally addicted to collecting stickers…this dates back to my childhood).  Cardstock.  Acrylic paint.  Spray paint.  Ribbon.  Etc.

I organize these items in photo boxes labeled accordingly.  The boxes are from Michaels and are about $2 each.  Not too bad.  For some reason, these boxes have been stored in plain sight in my living room.  I don’t think I will carry that forward when I move.

I will be updating the binders post-move.  Martha Stewarts new line is calling my name! 🙂

I also plan to purchase photo albums post-move.  I have not decided on style yet, which is why I keep dragging my feet on that project!

Do you have any good ideas to share on how to organize your files or “such”? 🙂

Until next time…

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