Best Personal Blog…in CLT?

Happy Sunday everyone!  As ya’ll know, I don’t post often on the weekends.  Well today is an exception! 🙂  Less than 24 hours to go in the voting.  Voting for Best Personal Blog in Charlotte that is. 🙂

I am trailing by 50 votes and could really use your help!

How To Help Out a Girl Vote

  • Go to this website:
  • Scroll to the bottom {Pure & Simple}
  • Click “Like” to vote
  • You can also vote by:
    • Pinning
    • Tweeting
    • Google +
  • Perhaps, share with your friends as well? 🙂
  • Voting ends July 23 {tomorrow} at 10am!

Thank you very much!!

I feel like Rocky in the fight above…the underdog.  I am new to the blogging community in Charlotte.  Help me to the final round! 🙂

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