Make the best of summer vacations…

I love to go on vacation, but I hate packing for them!  I am indecisive on what to bring and not bring; therefore, I tend to overpack and overstuff my suitcases!  If you are like me or usually forget something important while on vacation, then these tips are for you!

  • Use vacuum seal bags for clothes to save space.
    • I prefer Speedy Space Maker hand compression bags.
  • Commit to the decision “I won’t pack everything in my closet”.
    • One or two pairs of pants and jeans will get you through a week.
    • Pack one nice outfit if you plan to have dinner at a special restaurant.
  • Pack a pair of tennis shoes (only one!).
  • Limit the number of heels, boots, sandals, etc.  Remember, you are only going for a few days!
  • Pack some workout clothes. You may be inspired to pound the pavement while on vacation.
  • Must haves: chargers, camera, cash, and sunglasses.
  • My favorite packing tool: Ziploc bags.
    • Great for makeup, toiletries, & jewelry.
  • Don’t forget — have a good time!

In case I left anything out, feel free to check out Martha’s tips on traveling (Stewart that is).

Until next time…

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