Organizational Layaway…

If you start to clean out a closet or garage, then you will find that decisions will need to be made … quickly.  What are you going to do with all this stuff?  Keep it?  Throw it away?  Donate?

You start asking yourself those questions each time you come across something new.  It can be exhausting and your brain will be in overdrive.




If you aren’t quite ready to let something go (i.e. trash or donate), then create an organizational layaway program.

Gather the items that you aren’t ready to make a decision on.  Place them in a box or tupperware bin.  Seal the bin.  Add a date/note to the outside.  Add a date/note to your calendar as well.

For example:

What is left in the box at the end of 3 months can be donated.  If you haven’t used it or needed it within that time frame, then you can safely let it go.

This will take some of the pressure off while sorting and clearing.  Be sure to actually follow up on the timeline!

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Until next time…

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