Girl’s Got Style {Kate Middleton}…

I pride myself on two things:

  1. I can organize anything
  2. I can cook like it’s my job

I do not pride myself on being fashion forward.  I am so thankful for Pinterest and it’s fashion inspiration.  There are few people that I would consider stylish.  There are also few people I would try to mimic in style (hair and clothes).

However, there is one person who I think is the stylish of them all.  Kate Middleton.  Girl’s got it and she works it!

Why I ♥ Her & Her Style:

  • Simplicity of everything (hair, shoes, outfit, fascinator)
  • Smile … always.  Your best accessory
  • That hair
  • Her love for dresses
  • Simple, yet elegant shoes

Gotta get me one of those fascinators! 😉

Do you love her style as much as I do? 🙂

Until next time…

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