Closetmaid Commercial…

No, no I’m not doing another commercial.  😉 This is actually a project review post, but it could be a commercial for ClosetMaid.

Some organizing clients like cabinets and doors.  They want the stuff tucked away and out of sight.  Others like flexibility and “out in the open”.  I believe R said, “If we put it behind a door, I will forget what I have!”

Open shelving it is!  Flexibility was also important.

Wire shelving is very economical compared to wood shelves.  There are some pitfalls, but the biggest draw is the flexibility.

The Track System offers extreme flexibility with wire shelving.

  • Install the Hang Tracks towards the top of the wall.
  • Add standards to the track.  Secure them to the wall.
  • Attach the wire shelving brackets where ever you would like.
  • Add the shelf.

The shelves are adjustable both in size and height.  R was a genius at mastering this combo!  Just take a look…

Bonus Room Closet Makeover

The closet was 15′ long with two openings.  There was one shelf that ran the distance of the closet.  This is pretty standard with most homes and closets.  R needed more storage space for games, wrapping supplies, etc.

We used the Adjustable Mount ClosetMaid shelving.  All shelves were 12″ in depth ranging in different lengths.

R’s Bonus Room Closet {Before}

R’s Bonus Room Closet {Before}

R’s Bonus Room Closet {After}

Garage Makeover

I forgot to snap a before picture. :/  R’s garage was full of options but nothing was being maximized.  We decided to go vertical to better use the wall space.  We used the Adjustable Mount ClosetMaid shelving again … but this time went with the Max Load.

The hardest part with garages is all the little random stuff that you must find a home for.  We discussed adding some pegboard later for tool storage.

R’s Garage {After}

R’s Garage {After}

R’s Garage {After}

So, what do you think? 🙂  Feel free to leave a comment below — I would love to hear from you!

Until next time…

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