How Do You Relax?…

I ask, “How do you relax?”

Or should I ask, “Do you relax?”

When I relax, I feel guilty.  Take Saturday for example.  I spent the day in my pajamas watching tv and hanging with Cody and Raymond.  I had fun but felt bad about it on Sunday.  Therefore, Sunday had to be uber productive.  Probably not what I should be feeling.

One way I relax is with yoga.  I don’t go enough and have a hard time keeping a consistent schedule.  I can throw out 100 excuses but the truth is I just haven’t made time for it.  And I should.

BTW– if you are looking for a great yoga studio, then check out Gotta Yoga! 🙂

Another way I would like to relax is with mediation.  Have you ever tried it?  It’s SO hard!  Think Julia Roberts in Eat.Pray.Love.

I ran across an article a few months ago about the benefits of meditation.  Quick rundown:

Meditation, in any form, creates a heightened sense of awareness.  I’m guessing this will help with my “live in the moment” goals and ambitions!

Practicing meditation every day for 2 months can physically beef up some parts of your gray matter.  Not sure what gray matter is, but sounds like I need to do something about it!

Meditiation can help you master your emotions and help you feel closer to others.

Meditation taps into your rest-and-digest function which is opposite your fight-or-flight.  And can drop your blood pressure by up to 4 points.

Relaxing means less cortisol running through your veins.  Meditation helps you relax which means less cortisol.  And we all know how bad cortisol is for us!  I even had a friend change careers because her job was so stressful!

There were some other facts — er thoughts — about how mediation helps you fight off diseases and say no to cookies.  I could use the “no to cookies” part.

I’m thinking of starting a Meditation Challenge!  Who’s in?  Who’s with me? 🙂

12 minutes a day might be pushing it, but I could start with 5!  What about you?

Until next time…

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