Charlotte Today .. & My Mom?

Charlotte Today is a local live lifestyle entertainment talk show airing on WCNC weekdays at 11am.  Yes, I borrowed that from their website. 😉

A few weeks ago they ran a segment about being 50 and being fabulous.  Well my mom is in her 50’s and definitely fabulous, so her and her friend, Sabrina, asked to join the audience.  They got a big thumbs up, and off to Charlotte they went.

Well my mom had a blast.  B.L.A.S.T.  I taped the show that day because I had a prior engagement at 11am.  So I’m sitting on the couch, enjoying my lunch, watching the show.  BAM I almost choked on my chili.  My mom was ON the show!  Not just in the audience — ON the show!

Sabrina & Mom standing in as anchors.
Well not exactly — but a great picture! 🙂

I am so proud of her for getting up there first of all and second for being asked to participate in the fitness segment.  My mom is tall and skinny and all about her health.  I sure wish I took after her .. and not my dad .. in the leg department.  Hm, short and stumpy, or long and lanky?  😉

Check out the fitness segment! 🙂

Be sure to “LIKE” Charlotte Today on Facebook.  They occasionally send audience requests out on the Facebook Page.

If you thought my mom did a great job, then be sure to leave some love in the comments. 🙂  I’m sure it would make her day!

Until next time…

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