{Inspiration} Christmas Decor…

Entrance to the Southern Christmas Show

My mom and I went to the Southern Christmas Show on Sunday.  I go because … it puts me in the spirit.  The spirit of Christmas.  I go because … it is a great way to get Christmas decor ideas.  I don’t go to buy stuff. 😉

The beginning of the show is always my favorite part.  Apparently everyone else’s favorite part as well, there is always a massive bottleneck.  Traffic jam of people, children, strollers, and rolling shopping carts.

My mom and I lingered longer than usual in this area.  We were dissecting the decor ideas.  You know:  what we liked, what we didn’t, how we could recreate.  Some of my favorite ideas:

Very traditional decor. I like the color scheme.

Very traditional table scape ideas

I loved this mantle! Peacocks were everywhere in the decor ideas!

I spy .. Barbara Green of “Ask the Design Diva

That tree was stunning! And more peacocks!

There was a massive traffic jam in the Christmas Mouse!

The Christmas Mouse Store

I had my picture taken with Santa. 😉

Hi Santa! 🙂

And I will leave you with this…. Christmas present anyone? 😉


Until next time…

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