{Guest Post} The Year of Organization

Foodie Friday will return soon … I promise.  But today I have a real treat for you … a guest post from Sally Sosler! 🙂

Sally and I met over email.  She is my email pen pal; we talk all things family, organizing, and geography.  I love that she is from New York!


Sosler FamilyJamie Ball Photography

Sosler Family
Jamie Ball Photography

I have to admit, when Jennifer asked me to do a guest blog, I was feeling nervous.  What do I have to share with people about organizing?  But here I go; this is my journey to “The Year of Organization”.

At the beginning of 2012, I was feeling quite overwhelmed with the state of organization in my house and life.  I am the mother of 2 children, ages 4 and 2, and the wife of a self employed husband who works long hours.  Although I wouldn’t call my house dirty, a lot of projects had been neglected.  I decided that this would be the year I got myself motivated to make some changes.  I sat down at the beginning of January and wrote out my New Year’s resolutions all based around a more organized household and life.  I deemed 2012 “The Year of Organization”.

I typed up my resolutions and made it look nice and put it on the kitchen cabinet closest to my sink, that way when I was washing dishes I would be reminded of what my resolutions were.  It was funny how many people commented on seeing it, and that also made me more accountable.   My husband was completely on board and relieved.  Since having kids he had noticed the decline of organization around our house, but was understanding of how much hard work it is to raise 2 kids.  (He was happy that he didn’t have to bring it to my attention and then get an earful from me.)

To get started, I found a ready made cleaning schedule that I could tailor to my home at www.motivatedmoms.com. I loved having the list each day so that I could check off what had been done.  That was truly the first motivating step for me in my organization process.

I also spent some quality time online seeking out some organization blogs to get inspired.   I had never followed a blog before, but I was amazed at the mass of amazing information out there about organizing.  As part of my organization, I was also determined to cut out any unnecessary computer time, as that would take away from time with my kids as well as keeping my house in order. It was just a plain waste of time!  So finding the balance between getting the information, but not getting log jammed with information overload.  Somehow I found my way to Jennifer’s blog and decided I would start following.  As you all know, she has so much energy and enthusiasm in her blog posts, so I enjoyed sitting down to read them.

I had decided that my first major project was to do a complete overhaul of my children’s arts and crafts supplies.  My husband would argue that we have enough supplies for a small preschool.  They were taking over the buffet in our dining room and shoved where ever I could find room.  But since my kids were getting older, and getting into everything, I decided I had better do something fast so that I would not find that my walls were being used as canvases with the easily accessible crayons and markers.

In April, I got the courage to send Jennifer an email about the 3M hanging bins that she had used in a commercial contest.  She seemed so friendly and out going, and someone I could sit down and chat with about organization.  I explained to her how I wanted to move all of the arts and crafts supplies to our hall closet which had been used for our miscellaneous kitchen appliances.  It made sense, since the buffet was much closer to the kitchen and the closet I could keep kids out of.  I was amazed at the detailed response she sent back to me, down to specific recommendations and links to things she thought may work, as well as some tips on how to make the organization process less of a headache.  And then began our e-pen pal friendship and my road to organization.

Over the next few months, I worked on a handful of projects in addition to the arts and crafts closet including a linen closet clean out and a bedroom closet organization (which has inspired another friend to get on the road to being organized).  Jennifer has been such a great supporter throughout and has certainly inspired me to be a more organized and better me.  My husband and I still have some other major home organization projects on our list, but if you talked to us last year, we didn’t have a list, so even that is an improvement.

In my next post, I will be showing you some before and after pictures of the arts and crafts closet, the bedroom closet and the linen closet.  And I will also talk about some of the challenges I faced while organizing (especially with kids) and what has worked well for our family.  I hope you will join me again in my journey through “The Year of Organization”.

Sally SoslerJamie Ball Photography

Sally Sosler
Jamie Ball Photography

Sally Sosler is a photographer located in Orange County, New York. You can follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SallySoslerPhotography or at her website www.sallysoslerphotography.com.


There is nothing that melts my heart more than reading this.  🙂  Thank you Sally for sharing!  I cannot wait to see what the next post holds!

Will 2013 be your year of organization?

Until next time…

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3 thoughts on “{Guest Post} The Year of Organization

  1. I really enjoyed reading about you and your journey through out the year. Jennifer has helped organize my life a bit. And the good thing is .. she’s my cousin, so when I need a helping hand or advise she is right there for me. I look forward to your next post. Until then… Happy New Year Organizing. 🙂

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