{DIY} Earring Organizer…

Something from Sarah time!  I met Sarah for coffee last week to sign some internship papers.  She shared this blog post idea with me over said coffee.  I think I squealed like a little girl.  I love a good DIY … especially if you can find everything at your local Goodwill store … and super especially if it has to do with organizing. 🙂


{DIY} Earring Organizer

For someone who wears the same jewelry almost every day, I have an awful lot of jewelry!  Don’t believe me? Here are all the baubles that I wore yesterday:

Sarah's Jewelry

And the day before that… and the day before that:

Sarahs Jewelry 2

Sensing a trend?

To make matters worse… here is my jewelry collection:

JB: I love the storage. :)

JB: I love the storage. 🙂

That’s not even everything!  I keep it pretty well organized, but let’s be honest, it’s much easier to keep something organized when you hardly ever touch it!

Although my day-to-day jewelry stays the same, there’s one thing that I switch out almost every day: earrings!  They’re a cheap, easy way to add a little whimsy to my look.  I used to constantly lose them because I didn’t have a consistent home for them all.  Most earring holders are so expensive.  Many DIY options only hold fish hook styles, leaving me with no where to keep my studs!

I took matters into my own hands and made a holder for both styles.  Better yet, it’s cheap, fast, and easy to make.   Not to mention all the necessary materials can be found at Goodwill.  You may even have them on hand in your own home.

All you’ll need is a sweater and a wooden picture frame.  That’s it!

Supplies: Sweater, Wooden picture frame

Supplies: Sweater, Wooden picture frame

Here’s the earring frame I made for myself, I’ve had it for almost two months now and I can honestly say it works!

Sarah's version she made a few months ago.

Sarah’s version she made a few months ago.

Here’s how you make your own:

Step One: Gather Materials.

Although they should be easy to find, there are a few guidelines for your materials.

For sweaters, look for a heavy, chunky knit… you shouldn’t be able to see through it unless you stretch the sweater slightly.

Sweater options

For your frames, it has to be wood (it’s pretty hard to staple into metal or plastic!) and it should have the hanger on the actual frame, not the cardboard part, like this:

Frame optionsYou’ll also need a pair of scissors and a stapler… just a plain office one works fine!

Step Two: Assembly!

Cut the sweater.

Cut the sweater.

Take the cardboard backing off the frame and press the prongs flat.

Line up the frame over the sweater and cut around the edges.  It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Line up the sweater

Pull the sweater taught and staple it directly to the frame, holding the stapler flat against the wood and press hard so the staple doesn’t bend!

Staple sweater to frame

Trim the edges… it doesn’t have to be pretty, it just can’t show when you flip the frame.

Step Three: Hang and Enjoy!

Finished product

That’s it!  Stick the earrings directly through the yarn of the sweater.  I keep my hooks at the top and studs at the bottom, so when I need to take the back off one of my studs I just lift the corner of the frame.

There’s so many ways you could personalize this with different paint and sweater combinations… what will you choose?


Oh my — how cute and easy! 🙂   What do you think?

Until next time…

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