February Resolution {Get Up Earlier}…

It is February!  I love February.  It is the month of love.  *smooch*smooch*  A little over the top?  Sorry about that. 😉

Last week I wrote about my January resolution status.  I did okay but plan to keep working on it for February.

So to the January goals I will add, “I resolve to get up earlier”.

Pure & Simple | February Resolutions

I love the “idea” of being an early bird.  I’m just really bad at the follow through.

My general wake up call comes in around 8am — that is if I don’t have an early morning session or meeting.  I wouldn’t consider 8am as the ideal early bird waking hour.

Roadblock?  I stay up way too late.  Raymond is a night owl.  A really annoying one.

My “Why”.  I love the idea of getting more out of a day.  When I wake up late, the day is started off on the wrong foot.  If I sleep until 9:30am, then lunchtime is here before I know it, then 3pm, then bedtime.  Where did the day go.

I’ve recently read 168 Hours and Life on the Wire.  Both books talk about finding out what you want to do with your time and then do it/schedule it.  Getting up earlier will help find that precious time.

I also like this article on why getting up earlier is the smart thing to do along with a few tips on how.  My favorite tip is # 3:  “There is no try.  Don’t think, just do.”  

Ways to achieve this goal:  

1.  Set a bedtime and stick to it.  10:30pm is achievable. No matter what the annoying night owl says, I hit the hay.  😉

2.  Give myself a break.  If I’m in the middle of a good movie or show, I will record the remainder and catch the ending some other time.

3.  Set a wake up time and stick to it.  7am is also achievable.  Ideally I would get up every morning at 6:30am.

4.  To get to 7am on a consistent basis, I will shoot for 7:30am for 2 weeks (starting today), then move it back 15 minutes each week until I reach my ideal time.

5.  Keep it going on the weekends.  Schedule something fun for the mornings on Saturday and Sunday.  Yoga class.  Coffee with a friend.  Estate sale.

6.  Get a move on.  Morning workout or at the very least take Cody for a quick walk.  Get the blood pumping!


My February book will be Getting Things Done.  I read this years ago when I worked at Official NASCAR Members Club.  We were required to read it — which I hated having required reading off the job — but I loved the book.  Of course I donated that copy a long time ago so I bought a new copy and plan to reread. 🙂

What is your February resolution? 🙂

Until next time…

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3 thoughts on “February Resolution {Get Up Earlier}…

  1. I reread that book as well and bought a copy for my new boss. We are implementing the “next 5 actions” in our office here!

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