Newcomer Award…

BLOC Newcomer of the Year

As a business owner in a town full of transplants, it is important to network (aka get out and meet new people on a regular basis).  I mulled over this decision for months … and months.  Which group?  Co-ed or women only?  … etc … etc …

Me & Vickie Hafer

Me & Vickie Hafer

Early last year, Vickie Hafer of Carolina Interior Works, reached out and asked about meeting up for coffee to meet officially and get to know one another.  We met over ice tea and chatted for hours.  I immediately liked her!  One of the topics that came up was networking.  *Sigh* I was in analysis paralysis with this topic.

Vickie suggested that we attend some BLOC (Business Leaders of Charlotte) functions together as it might be a good group to join.  I had heard about BLOC from my accountant and his beautiful wife (my professional coach), but had yet to pull the trigger on checking it out.

So I agreed to visit!  Networking is much easier when you know at least one person in the room.

Vickie and I started visiting last January and decided to join last April.  The rest, as they say, is history.

I consider networking to be important for my business but more importantly I gained a ton of new friends from the group.  People I would have otherwise never met or known.

Vickie and I both got involved with planning our After Hours Networking Event and then I got roped in asked to help with the marketing efforts for the group. 😉 I also helped plan our BLOCtoberfest Charity Event Concert with an awesome group of individuals.

To the point … we had our annual dinner last Saturday and awards were passed out.  Low & behold, I won the Newcomer of the Year Award!  😀

The Newcomer of the Year Award is given to a new member from all collective chapters that has done the most for the organization as a whole this past year.  They have attended meetings and After Hours regularly, as well as volunteered consistently.  They continually promote the organization as well as represent it in a professional way.

I was over the moon excited and surprised that the Board voted me as Newcomer of the Year.  What an absolute honor!

Raymond came with me — it was his first BLOC event. 🙂

With award :)

With award 🙂

And that dress?  Yes it is a thrift store find.  Banana Republic — $20 — from Clothes Mentor.  What do you think?

Here is a larger group shot with awards:

BLOC Group Picture

I posed time and time again with the award — I think I was starting to annoy people. 😉

Stop -- no one cares -- get over yourself. ;)

Stop — no one cares — get over yourself. 😉

If you are in the market for a networking group in Charlotte, then I highly recommend that you check out BLOC.  🙂

Until next time…

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