Spectator Sport Outfit…

When deciding on what to wear, I highly recommend considering these two factors:

  1. The high temperature forecasted for the day
  2. Your shoes of choice

I prefer to wear Rainbow flip flops when going to spectator sporting events.  If I had cool tennis shoes like Raymond, then I would wear those.

Raymond's FootJoy Golf Shoes

I don’t, so Rainbows are my go to shoe.  I build my outfit around those and the temperature.  I wanted to wear a hat this year to the Masters so that was my 3rd factor.  Dresses and ball caps are not cute, so dresses were rulled out.

I might wear a dress to the Wells Fargo Championship only because I know how the Charlotte market is.  These chicks will wear 3″ heels on a golf course.  They are trying to get the attention of the golfers — and end up getting everyone’s attention.  C’mon ladies.  Dress and flippies will be my attire at that point.  The Masters is much more conservative … it is Georgia afterall!

Spectator Sport Outfit | Pure & Simple

I recommend wearing a sleeveless polo, shorts, hat, and cross body bag.  The bag is big enough for your I.D., cash, credit card, and camera.  Some tournaments have specifications on the size of your bag.  Always check the website before heading to the course.  Be prepared.  Not surprised.

Another helpful hint:  wear a watch.  Most tournaments don’t allow cell phones and/or cameras.  I like to know the time so I wear a watch. 🙂

Jennifer at The Masters Championship

I’m much less cute when hot and sweaty. Hence pig tails and messy shirt.

You want to look cute/attractive but also be comfortable!  Side note:  my entire outfit (minus my Rainbows) were thrifted.

  • Vineyard Vines polo = $12
  • Gap Bermuda Shorts = $4
  • Calvin Klein Cross Body Purse = $10
  • Masters hat = $1.50

What is your outfit of choice when going to a spectator sporting event?

Until next time…


Why Go To The Masters Championship…

Raymond?   He loves golf.  He talks about it all day long.  He tells stories about how he hit a 5 iron off the tee with 226 yards to the pin.  Tucked back right.  And how he drained it.

Masters Championship 2013

I have played golf before, but c’mon buddy I have no idea what that means!  No stinking clue.  Anyone else relate?

Raymond Loves His Golf Masters Championship

Should I play more golf  with him? Yes I should.  Do I own any clubs?  No, I sold those 10 months ago when I moved.  *sigh*  Nod, smile, and say “Wow that is awesome!”

Augusta National Sunrise

I love golf.  I really do.  I don’t understand the intricacies of playing it.  However, when Raymond says, “Do you want to go to the Masters again this year?” I say YES!  It is one of the most beautiful places on this Earth!

Jennifer & Raymond at Augusta National Masters Championship

There are zero homes (aside from the small rentals near the clubhouse) which keeps me 100% focused on the course.  The Wells Fargo Championship is played in Charlotte every year.  Another beautiful course.  However, it is packed full of gorgeous mansions!  I tend to stare at the houses wondering and pondering.  What do these people do for a living?  Is it as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside?  Is it packed full of stuff (aka cluttered)? 😉 All the while a golf tourney is going on.

Augusta National Heaven On Earth

I have been to the Masters Championship twice now.  I love the golf course.  Love.  Augusta, GA.  Interesting place.  The golf course is the nicest thing in that area.  It is a bit of a dump.

Azaleas were in full bloom!

Azaleas were in full bloom!

Let me back up a minute.  2011 I attended the Masters and ended up very sunburnt.  This year?  No way buddy!  I lathered that sunscreen on!  One thing I didn’t plan for .. ants?  If you know me, then you know I am allergic to mosquitos, black ants, and fire ants.  I no more stepped out of the car in the parking field and this happened:

Notice the hot red pinky toe?  My foot swells up like a football.

Notice the hot red pinky toe? My foot swells up like a football.

Yep, bit by a black ant!  Are you kidding?  Took a quick burning and itchy foot trip to Walgreens for some Benadryl.  As mom says “You are the only person I know that gets bit by black ants!”  I’m sure Raymond thought I was unbelievably high maintenance and no longer allowed back.   I kept my composure … although I contemplated crying. 😛

So back to the point … why should you go to the Masters?  It is the Best Week In Golf.  Reason enough!

Jennifer & Raymond Amen Corner

The beer and food is cheap.  Reason enough!  It is a 3 hour-ish ride from Charlotte.  Day trip!  Reason enough!

Cheap $18 lunch!  2 beers, 1 wrap, 1 sandwich, 2 waters, 1 cookie.  And what a cookie it was!

Cheap $18 lunch! 2 beers, 1 wrap, 1 sandwich, 2 waters, 1 cookie. And what a cookie it was!

Masters Championship 2013 Beer Cup

Amen corner.  What does that mean?  I’m not sure .. ask Raymond.  But we sat there for an hour having great conversation.  AMEN! 😉

Who are you talking to there buddy? ;)

Who are you talking to there buddy? 😉
Can I get an Amen?

Masters Championship Amen Corner

Helpful Hint:  Don’t take off your shoes and lay down on the grass.  You will get called out.  Well, if your grass wasn’t so perfect and beautiful then I wouldn’t want to woller (is that a word?) around on it all day.  Psh!

My cute videos from our trip .. When did I become so country?!

Masters Championship Augusta National Flagstand

Grass level

Grass level

Jennifer & Raymond Augusta National Masters Leader Board

We rounded out the day with a little Masters Pro Shop shopping.  Correction:  Raymond shopped.  Jennifer was not interested.  😛 Oh the things we do for our men! 😉

If you ever have the opportunity to go to the Masters, then I would say RUN GIRL RUN!

We had the best time!  Stay tuned for a quick afternoon post about my outfit. 😉

What is your favorite golf tournament?

Until next time…


Masters Championship 2013…

Raymond eats, breaths, and dreams golf.  We watch The Golf Channel morning and night.  He spends every day at the golf course. Every.Single.Day.  

So today I’m taking the day off to spend on the golf course with him.  A very special golf course.  Augusta National.  It is Masters Championship 2013.

From my 2011 trip

From my 2011 trip

He has been singing this song all week.  Yes, he sings it.  Out loud.

*It is not the best video quality but it was all I could find. 

From my 2011 trip.  What is that outfit? ;)

From my 2011 trip. What is that outfit? 😉

We will arrive early and stay late.  We will drink cheap beer and eat egg salad sandwiches.  I will wear as much color in one outfit as I can possibly stand.

Masters Augusta National

Sunset at Augusta National

Sunset at Augusta National

Masters Par 3 Caddy

Cutest little caddy I ever did see!

I will be unplugged.

From my 2011 trip to the Masters

From my 2011 trip to the Masters

See you tomorrow!

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How Was Your Weekend?

What a weekend!  If you lived in or near the Charlotte area, then you know what I’m talking about! 🙂

NOTE: Besides a recap of the weekend, this post will be a slight phone dump of pictures I took each day.  My new love Instagram did not disappoint. 😉


Cody & I went for a quick run to enjoy the beautiful 60 degree weather.

While running

Cody was soaking up the rays of light.

Cody was soaking up the rays of light.

That evening I met some friends for dinner and a drink.  Very authentic Italian started off the evening with this:

@ Ciro's Italian Restaurant. Yes that is an accordion.

@ Ciro’s Italian Restaurant. Yes that is an accordion.


I drove in to Gastonia to help a family member with some home recommendations.  They are putting their house on the market in a few weeks; we talked about clearing out some extra stuff to make the home appear more luxurious. 🙂 Then it was lunch for my mom’s birthday! 🙂

Cupcakes from Jenn's Sugarlicious Bakery

Cupcakes from Jenn’s Sugarlicious Bakery

The snow started to fall (Oh Em Gee!) and I realized I needed to book it back to Charlotte.  It was a long stressful ride back home which included 2 traffic jams and a lot of this:

Driving home -- stuck in traffic -- but isn't it gorgeous!

Driving home — stuck in traffic — but isn’t it gorgeous!

Once back, I changed clothes and joined Raymond & Cody outside.  It was picture taking time!  Cody was none too happy.

Me & Cody playing in the snow. :)

Me & Cody playing in the snow. 🙂

Cody in the snow

I thoroughly enjoyed our Winter Wonderland.

Winter Wonderland 2013.

Winter Wonderland 2013.

Raymond and I came in and relaxed the rest of the evening.  I was exhausted and so glad he didn’t go to work.  See, us Southerners aren’t that great at driving in snow and ice. 😉


We took Cody for a walk in the melting snow.  BTW … who on earth wears cowboy boots in the snow?  Bad idea!

Cowboy boots in the snow

Raymond wanted to take some pictures so we had a photographer standoff! 😉

Cody's impromptu photo shoot in the melting snow. ;)

Cody’s impromptu photo shoot in the melting snow. 😉

Photographer Face Off

Who’s the better photographer? 😉

I kindly asked Raymond if he would go with me to IKEA.  Their President’s Day Sales were awesome but I really only wanted the GORM shelving unit … and at a $20 discount!

He wasn’t thrilled but said yes … then I asked if he would drive.  Tricky little girl. 🙂

Not thrilled about driving to IKEA.

Not thrilled about driving to IKEA.

I’m not great with crowds … much less anxious bargain crazy crowds.  We were greeted with that exact scene and Raymond went hiding.  I was left to fend for myself against the mob and was successful!  This craziness happened — we had to ride home with the window down.

Hey, I’ve done crazier things in my car. 😉

Craziness at IKEA

Home we came, I put together both GORM’s … reorganized the storage closet … went grocery shopping … put together the LAIVA unit for my bathroom … shopped for baskets for the LAIVA … made dinner … cut my finger … broke an entire $10.99 6-pack of beer at Total Wine with my big badonka booty … and froze like nobody’s business all the while.

So I now ask … what did you do this weekend? 🙂

Until next time…

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Rock Barn Spa {Hickory, NC}…

Every girl loves to be pampered.  I’m no exception.  I love a good day at the spa.  My favorite regional spa is Grovepark Inn, but with it being a two hour drive it isn’t always the feasible option.

Rock Barn Spa - Main Pool

My friend Lauren turned me on to The Spa at Rock Barn about a year ago.  To be honest, I had never heard of the place.  Raymond had … because it is also a nice golf course. 😉

Rock Barn Spa -- Waterfall poolMy mom and I scheduled a much needed spa day for the day after Christmas.  {this might become a new holiday tradition} 🙂

Plunge Pool

Plunge Pool

Rock Barn Spa -- Outside view

I made these adorable DIY Spa Sandals for us.  They were cute but soaked up a lot of water when going from pool to lounge chair.

DIY Spa Sandals

We got there early in order to snag a nice comfy lounger.  I grabbed some magazines and settled in for the day.  🙂

I also had some work to do and came prepared.  List, pen, and paper in hand! 🙂

Work to do

For lunch we enjoyed delicious sandwiches.  I love spa food!

Rock Barn Spa -- lunch

We rounded out the day with a nice Milk & Honey Pedicure.  What do you think of that polish?  Bold, right? 😉

OPI Toe Nail Polish

If you are looking for a day of relaxation within the area, then I highly recommend The Spa at Rock Barn!  Raymond and I are planning a trip soon. 🙂

Do you recommend any other day spas in the area?  

Until next time…

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Girl’s Retreat {Blowing Rock, NC}…

I’m back from the land of the living dead.  That was one mean cold that knocked me out for 2 straight days.  Happy to report that I’m feeling much better. 🙂

I went on a girl’s retreat a few weeks ago with my mom and family.  To say we had a great time is an understatement.  You see, my mom’s family is a unique bunch.  They make you laugh so hard that your abs hurt.  I think they were all born with the funny bone.

L-RMom, Cindy, Me, Madison, Abby, Margaret, Betty

Mom, Cindy, Me, Madison, Abby, Margaret, Betty

Let’s recap the trip shall we…

Who went:

  • Betty
  • Cindy {Betty’s Daughter}
  • Madison {Cindy’s Daughter}
  • Abby {Madison’s friend}
  • Margaret
  • Helene {My mom}
  • Me 🙂

Where did we go:  Blowing Rock & Boone, NC

Why:  Why not? 😉

We started the trip with lunch at Dan’l Boone Inn.  I was starving hence no picture.  The food was delicious.  The restaurant is located in downtown Boone, and they serve each meal family style (aka no ordering from a menu).  Everyone pays the same price and gets a wide variety of meats, sides, and dessert.  My favorite was the Country Style Steak.  Mmm!

My outfit for the day -- less than stylish.

My outfit for the day — less than stylish.

Afterwards, we went to Hawks Nest for some snow tubing   Hawks Nest is a snow tubing only facility located in Seven Devils, NC.  After a twisty ride up the mountain we made it … along with everyone else.  It was a packed house!

Hawks Nest

Hawks Nest

It was FREEZING on top of that mountain!

It was FREEZING on top of that mountain!

Packed House!

Packed House!

I decided to skip the snow tubing in favor of hanging out with Betty in the lodge.  We had the best time talking and chatting.  At the end of the conversation she said, “This better not end up on that blog of yours!” 😉

Tons of tubers!

Tons of tubers!

Margaret, Mom, Cindy {Post Tubing}

Margaret, Mom, Cindy {Post Tubing}

Mom and I took a quick trip into Boone.  She really wanted to drop by the Mast General Store.  I can always count on mom for some afternoon fun.  We played in the toy section longer than any two adults should. 😉

I should have purchased this, no? :)

I should have purchased this, no? 🙂

Next up was the hotel.. finally!  Holiday Inn Express in Blowing Rock.  The rates were fabulous and the rooms were clean and comfortable!  I highly recommend the hotel!

Dinner time!  Outback Steakhouse — always delicious — always consistent.  Not to mention it was a hop, skip, and a jump from the hotel.  At dinner we all dug into our plates while chatting about whatever came up.

One topic of interest was cruising.  Some of the family had cruised together before.  Others had cruised separate   They all discussed cruising together.  As plans and excitement mounted, Margaret exclaimed, “Let’s go on a singles cruise!”  *silence* .. followed by uncontrollable laughter.

A little later .. this conversation surfaced:

Betty: Jennifer have you ever considered bartering.

Me: Maybe.  Why?

Betty: I was watching this show about these men who barter for goods and services.  They bought 35 chickens and then bartered them for ……

Me: *digging into steak and missing the middle part of the story*

Betty:  ….then they bartered for a car and then an RV.

Me: They bought a car with some chickens?! *uncontrollable laughter*

Day 1 had come to an end.  Day 2 was full of shopping in Blowing Rock.

Blowing Rock Pictures

It was a beautiful cold day!  Our first stop was this adorable quaint shop.  I loved the decor!  Very shabby chic.

What a cute store front!

What a cute store front!

Love the shabby chic-ness

Love the shabby chic-ness

The rest of the day consisted of shopping, walking, and eating. 🙂

We had a great time!  I’m ready for another Girl’s Retreat. 🙂

Peace Out | Life Is Good

Until next time…

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Christmas Recap & a Happy Birthday…

I meant to blog yesterday but I got totally wrapped up in the exercising, the picture digging, the family get togethers, and the eating. 🙂

Christmas is fairly low key around here in the mornings and I love it that way! 🙂  I opened a few gifts from the parents .. they really shouldn’t have!  Went for a good vigorous morning walk!  Came back and started digging through old photos. 🙂  My favorite part of any day!

Christmas day is also my Dad’s birthday! 🙂  So we always say, “Merry Merrimus.  Happy Birthday!”  Not sure where the “merrimus” came from.  🙂

Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday to my Dad!

Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday to my Dad!
My Grandmaw Burnham, Uncle Mark, Uncle Scott (with the hat), my Dad

My first Christmas {December 1983}

My first Christmas {December 1983}

My second Christmas {Christmas 1984}

My second Christmas {Christmas 1984}

My third Christmas {December 1985}

My third Christmas {December 1985}

Me with Santa .. not sure what year :)

Me with Santa .. not sure what year 🙂

I’ll spare you the remaining photos but I had a blast to say the least. 🙂

I headed over to Raymond’s parents for a quick visit then over to my Aunt Betty’s for the Bryant family gathering. 🙂

Raymond's Family.  Raymond's Mom, Raymond, Me, Raymond's Dad, Sister-in-law, Nephew, Brother

Raymond’s Family.
Raymond’s Mom, Raymond, Me, Raymond’s Dad, Sister-in-law, Nephew, Brother

If you were wondering … the scarf is faux fur from Restoration Hardware, coat is Jessica Simpson. 🙂


We were discussing who would stand where for the photo op :)

We were discussing who would stand where for the photo op 🙂

Mom & I having some holiday fun :)

Mom & I having some holiday fun 🙂

Raymond and I had matching hats .. well sorta :)

Raymond and I had matching hats .. well sorta 🙂

The Bryant LadiesAunt Margaret, me, Mom, Aunt Betty

The Bryant Ladies
Aunt Margaret, me, Mom, Aunt Betty

It was a great day and fairly long … I couldn’t wait for my After Christmas Present.  A day at Rock Barn Spa in Hickory, NC.  🙂  I’ll blog about this shortly!  But just to give you an idea …

Rock Barn Spa

Rock Barn Spa

How was your holiday!? 🙂

Until next time…

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Sunday Scavengers…

Today feels like Saturday.  The whole drive home I was thinking:

“I’ll drop by the Colonial Manor in Dallas to see what they have .. especially since they will be closed tomorrow!”

*wonk*wonk* They were closed .. because it is Sunday.

Raymond and I love our Sunday Scavenger adventures! 🙂  This particular adventure happened a few weeks ago. 🙂

We started the day with a trip to Amelie’s French Bakery.  If you have never been, then please note:  It is the coolest coffee shop in Mecklenburg County!

Amelie's Bakery

Up for order:  2 espresso shots, salted caramel brownie, coconut macaroon.

Delicious!  The Salted Caramel Brownie is one of their signature items and it did not disappoint!

Being silly at Amelies.  Loved this mirror/picture thing. :)

Being silly at Amelies. Loved this mirror/picture thing. 🙂

Raymond looking cute while sending funny text messages to a friend. :)

Raymond looking cute while sending funny text messages to a friend. 🙂

We were full from all that sugar so we walked across the street to this warehouse looking place.  Half of it was a farmer’s market/produce stand.  The other half was like a junk yard.  It was awesome! 🙂 I can’t remember the actual names ..

Produce Stand & Resale Warehouse

Resale Warehouse

Resale Warehouse

They had some of the coolest vintage furniture!  If I had a garage/warehouse/tool shed, then we would have been in trouble! 🙂

Next up was a trip to NoDa! 🙂  We dropped by this sports bar for a beer.  It was packed … with Cleveland fans.  I’m not a huge football person and definitely felt a little out of my element. 🙂

Bar full of Cleveland Fans in NoDa

Bar full of Cleveland Fans in NoDa

We had a pretty good time in NoDa but weren’t feeling it completely.  So we headed down the street to Plaza Midwood.  One of my favorite areas and neighborhoods in Charlotte! 🙂

We ate dinner at Loco Lime .. SO good.  Then headed to The Diamond for dessert!  Unbelievable chocolate cake! 🙂

To.Die.For Chocolate Cake

To.Die.For Chocolate Cake

Put a fork in me .. I was done after that! 🙂

What do you like to do on Sundays? 🙂

Until next time…

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Williamsburg, VA…

Raymond and I had planned a super fan vacay for this week but cancelled it last week due to weather from Hurricane Sandy.  While I’m glad we cancelled the vacay, I’m a little sad that we didn’t get up to Williamsburg.  I was REALLY looking forward to a vacay. 🙂

Thinking about our fun trip from last year.  🙂

On the drive up. I crack up everytime I look at this photo! 😉

Enjoying Busch Gardens!

Enjoying Colonial Williamsburg. I like to keep busy.. 😉

Beautiful Colonial Williamsburg

We walked …and walked …and walked … until this girl refused to walk anymore!

We went to a winery! Williamsburg Winery to be exact!

After the tour and tasting. 🙂

And lastly .. my beautiful smiling face. 😛

Until next time…

FiFi’s Fine Resale…

I have a new appreciation for “second hand”.  For instance, we decorated the majority of the apartment with finds from Goodwill.

Recently I was up at Exit 28.  For those that don’t know much about Lake Norman, everything is referenced to which exit it is located near.  Exit 28 off I-77N.

I dropped by the Goodwill, went to the bank, and decided to meander around a particular shopping center.  I stumbled upon FiFi’s Fine Resale.  I haven’t been in a consignment store in years!  I was in heaven!  Raymond thought someone had kidnapped me because I was due home hours earlier.

Someone had — FiFi! 😉

FiFi’s Fine Resale, Cornelius, NC

I love the way they display the clothes and accessories. It makes you want to buy something! 😉

I bought that entire outfit!
Gap Limited Edition Jeans = $9
Iris & Navy Gray Top = $18

Sorry for the bad hair — it was raining that day! 😉
And yes, I bought that Fever Sweater for $10. I have gotten a ton of compliments on it! 😉

If you are interested in selling on consignment with them, this is what I learned:

  • Donations are accepted Monday-Friday 10am-5pm
    • Not accepted:  Anything with
      • Stains
      • Tears
      • Missing buttons
      • Broken zippers
      • Wrinkled
  • Must bring clothes on a hanger
  • Items are sold for 60 days
  • After 60 days, they are donated.
  • Consignors receive 40% of what the item sells for.

The “Deets” on FiFi’s:

Are you a consignment shopper?

Until next time…