Raving Fans


Jennifer of Pure & Simple Organizing, stepped in and made my 4 year old daughter’s closet organized and functional!  She was a wonderful person to work with, very easy to talk to and she listened to what I needed and guided us through the process of organizing the closet based on what works for our family.  My daughter now knows where her pants, shirts, skirts, and out-of-season clothes belong!  This has taught my daughter more about organizing and has given her more responsibility and increased her independence as well, which is great for her age group.


Jennifer came to help me clean out several rooms that were in desperate need for organization. 1.) My home office/real office 2.) my storage room (packed to the gills).  It took several days (three to be exact).   We worked side-by-side and  cleaned out everything.

If you want to have some fun cleaning out stuff, then hire Jennifer.  She is wonderful – young, full of energy and full of great ideas. What I especially liked is her approach to keep, donate (recycle), and sell.  Each day she was “out the door” with the things we decided needed to find a home elsewhere.  You really feel like you’ve accomplished something everyday. Even better, the she takes the items to donate (so they don’t sit in your car/house for weeks) and brings back the receipts.  No fuss, no muss.

She responded quickly to my request, was professional, prompt, accurate in her estimate, and quite frankly a joy to work with. So glad I found her. Plan to use her again, when I’m ready to really tackle the next area.


I hired Jennifer and Pure & Simple Organizing to help me clean out and organize my home office.  Not only did she get me organized with my office, she got me to purge, donate and let go of things that were “weighing” me down.  I have enjoyed the experience, and I look forward to my next project with Jennifer.


Jennifer Burnham is THE BEST when it comes to organizing.  She helped me turn my kitchen into an almost showplace.  She also helped organize my office and closets and inspired us to reorganize our garage with Gladiator GarageWorks Cabinets.  If you EVER need some direction and motivation, be sure to look her up!


I am feeling the hours you spent helping me organize pay off already!  Thank you for your help.  I still have some work to do, but already I am enjoying a new sense of knowing where my kids’ papers go, and I am calendaring already!  You rock!


Jennifer was an absolute pleasure to work with.  The first step to getting organized was necessary and definitely profitable and worthy.

I was unbelievably distraught and overwhelmed with several deaths in the family. Even though many things had a personal attachment, I could not continue to live in the maze of everyday clutter. One day, someone suggested I hire a professional organizer. Just the sound of the words made me feel better, but I didn’t think I could afford one. Actually, I could not afford NOT to hire one. It was bad. After looking on Google at several organizers, I just had a good feeling about Jennifer Burnham. I liked her ad, her sensitivity that bounced off the words. After all, this was my ‘life’ I was considering thinning out, and it was scary. I met with Jennifer who gave me three plan options. There was no pressure then nor throughout the sessions, to do anything I wasn’t ready to do. There was such a noticeable difference after our first session, and I was encouraged with a tremendous jump-start.

She is full of good ideas. My daughter and I have become relentless with continuing to organize every pile, every clutter, every room. My skeptical husband was so encouraged by the quick and noticeable progress, he eventually took a day off work in order for us to work together on other areas around the house.

You should see the place now! After four sessions with Jennifer, we now live in a more organized, decluttered home. It’s wonderful. I feel that I can even breathe better. What are you waiting for? Jennifer is knowledgeable, sensitive to her clients, fun, helpful, and progress oriented. Give her call…..no pressure….but I will tell you this…..Jennifer Rocks!


I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on my kitchen office space. She was a delight. She changed what would have been, in my opinion, a CHORE and made the time fly. It seemed like the day was over in no time and at the end of it my work space was awesome. It is SO functional and organized. I hope that even I cannot destroy what she created. She had wonderful ideas and a variety of options to try. Jennifer, thank you so much for being so great and fun to work with! I would highly recommend you to anyone!


Jennifer’s Email Workshop was so helpful.  Not only did she present ideas on how to manage my sales team email more effectively, she also carved out time for us to put the ideas into action right away.

We created a filing system for emails for the entire team.  We are now on the same page.  We intend to hire her back to sort and organize our digital files.

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