168 Hours…

We’ve all heard that time is the ultimate commodity.  Time is precious.  Time is valuable.  Time is currency.  Don’t waste it.  Spend it wisely.

We all say things like this:

  • “It’s already Friday?  Where did the week go?”
  • “I cannot believe September is two days away.  January feels like it was yesterday!”

Time seems to slip past us without us understanding what happened to it.  It is a nonrenewable resource.  It’s not like money.  You run out of money then you go get more of it.  You run out of time, and you are out of the game.

We are all “busy” 24/7/365.  We work 60+ hour work weeks.  We sleep less than 5 hours a night.  We don’t have time to exercise or cook or read or …

But are we really that busy?  Do we know how to spend our time?

Some people spend their time better than others.  Take my friend Kristin for example.  She finds time to hang with friends, study for grad school, play tennis, sip coffee, and go for hikes.  Every day.  I’m a little green with envy.  Does she ever sleep?  I’m sure she does, and a good solid 7 hours.

The truth is we all have the same amount of time in our day and week.  168 hours in the week to be exact.

Another truth — we all have the ability to choose.  Choose how to spend our precious time. Who to spend it with.  What to spend it on.

I found myself saying this phrase over and over yesterday, “Time to trim the fat.  Cut the deadweight.”  My schedule and, thus my life, is becoming too full.  Too full of should haves, could haves, what ifs, and anxiety.  I’m feeling lost and anxious at the end of the day.  Where did the time go?  Did I accomplish anything?  What about everything I have left to do?  Did I make the most out of that networking event?  Did I spend enough time with Raymond?  Did I eat a balanced dinner?  Did I drink enough water?

It’s time to trim the fat.  Time to streamline.  Responsibilities, commitments, to-do lists, and guilt.

I’m taking a challenge presented in a book that arrived in my mailbox yesterday: 168 Hours, You Have More Time Than You Think.

Will you take the challenge with me?