25 Things of Randomness…

1.  So I cry when I listen to songs as well.

2.  Adele “Someone LIke You” is an appropriate cry baby song.

3.  Dido “White Flag” is not.

4.  In case you have no idea what song that is:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-fWDrZSiZs

5.  I sure do love what I do.

6.  I have received so many wonderful emails saying that I inspire.

7.  Wow!  Me?! 🙂 That is amazing!

8.  BTW–that is the whole reason why I do what I do.

9.  Hands down — worst part of Charlotte is the traffic.

10.  Because of that reason, Im glad I dont work a typical 9-5.

11.  But *sigh* I still see the crazies every day.

12.  Dont run red lights.  You will get pulled over.

13.  Not me! … Silly 🙂

14. I drive like a granny.

15.  And proud of it!

16.  Blacked out state trooper SUV.

17.  Got him one today.

18.  Right in front of me too.

19.  *Woop*Woop*

20.  That is the sound that police cars make. 🙂

21. I almost said “po po makes”

22. It didnt look as good typed.

23.  Still funny though.

24. Reminds me of Madea…you know…Tyler Perry.

25. “Call the Po Po hoe”  Sorry if that is offensive!  It was rather funny in the movie. 🙂

Until next time…

20 Things…

1. I think Raymond is one of the funniest people I know

2. I like watching Raymond play pool.

3. That pool league is extremely organized!

4. Is it bad that I was more interested in the organization of the league than Raymond playing pool?

5. Do you ever feel bad when you are tired?

6. I feel like a party pooper — and it might be a Tuesday!

7. I wish I could be one of those people who run on 4 hours of sleep.

8. Or what about those people that thrive on always having something to do or a place to go.

9. I like being at home.

10. Im pretty sure that is called a “home body”.

11. That sounds bad — makes me sound old.

12. Im always fascinated by how fast time goes.

13. Time as currency — interesting to think about.

14. How do you spend your currency — your time?

15. I cry too much — like all the time — specifically when Im watching movies or shows

16. I cried when Adele won Album of the Year.  Really?!

17. I cry when I watch movies.

18. Yep all movies

19. Well not scary ones.

20. I hope Im not weird. 🙂

Until next time…

25 Things…

This idea came from another blogger. But the randomness is all mine. 🙂

1. Sunrises are my favorite.  Best way to start the day.

2. I rush to the coffee pot each morning.

3.  I think Im addicted to coffee.

4.  Im not on the K-Cup Keurig Bandwagon.

5. Speaking of bandwagons — Im also not on the E-Reader bandwagon.

6. I need to read more. Where is my Steve Jobs book? I think Im still on Chapter 1.

7. What day is it? Man these weeks fly by!

8.  I dont watch local news. If it bleeds it leads…I find it depressing.

9. I love watching Live with Kelly.

10. I kinda miss Regis.

11. Speaking of watching stuff — I need more RH of BH (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills).

12. What a reunion — 3 parts?! Really?!

13. Yes I like reality tv.

14. One show that I dont watch: The Amandas. 😦 It doesnt accurately dipict organizing projects.

15. That makes me sad. It changes peoples perceptions of what we do.

16. Adele! I listen to Pandora throughout the day — she just came on — she is my fave! 🙂

17. Speaking of faves — I love Sarah Michelle Gellar! 🙂 Buffy was my fave show ever!

18. I used to spend hours in my room trying to make my hair look like hers.

19. I was 16.  I had nothing better to do.

20.  My mind bounces around more than a ping pong ball!

21. Am I the only one that feels this way?

22.  I need more coffee.

23. I wish Starbucks & Caribou had more coupons!

24. Im addicted to Pinterest.

25. Very bad way to spend waste the day.  I need to be more productive.