{Book Review} The Go-Getter…

I love reading books that inspire.  Inspire me to work harder, or work smarter.  Inspire me to live a grandiose life.  One of my favorite books is A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel.

I am also on the hunt for another good book.  I recently scooped up a few books on Amazon {yes I still read actual books – old school style}.  One was The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How To Be One by Peter Kyne.

Here is Jennifer’s review of said book:

  • Save your money.
  • It is much smaller than I realized (62 pages to be exact).
  • It was hard to read and follow.  The dialogue was strange.
  • The takeaway point came on pg 59
    • It shall be done
    • Go and do your “job” or die trying

So if that book sounds even remotely appealing and interesting to you … then you can have my copy.

Otherwise … have any good book recommendations?  {The self-improvement kind}

Until next time…

28 Things of Randomness…

  1. Is it “gray” or “grey”?
  2. Do you get anxiety easily?
  3. I do. Traffic, crowds, lines, you name it.
  4. I wonder if yoga will relieve this.
  5. I hate tailgaters.
  6. Why tailgate? I mean really!
  7. I wont go faster.
  8. In fact I might go a little slower.
  9. Yep, Im that girl.
  10. Go around!
  11. I was so excited about Bethenny Ever After coming back on tv.
  12. Then I saw the first episode.
  13. I was a little disappointed!
  14. Raymond declared that it isnt as fun to watch her now that she has made it.
  15. Is it bad that I was a little depressed that the new season might not be as good as the last 2?
  16. Raymond declares lots of things.
  17. Like…we are going with open shelving in our kitchen.
  18. First – we dont own a home much less live together at this point.
  19. Second – oh crap!  I hate open shelving in the kitchen.
  20. Guess I better find some pretty dishes.
  21. I think this will put my organizational skills to the test.
  22. You know — no cabinet doors might be nice.
  23. I hate when he leaves the doors open.
  24. Like — Hate it!
  25. Do you like Nutella?
  26. Im addicted!
  27. My mom asked, “What do you put it on?”
  28. My answer, “A spoon!” 🙂

Happy Sunday!

Until next time…