Birthday Memories…

All my favorite people at The Biltmore House

Well what a birthday weekend! ¬†I thought I would share with you a few pictures and memories made throughout the 4 day festivity. ūüôā

Friday: {Actual Birthday}

Raymond and I tried a new spot for lunch: Big Bens Pub in SouthEnd Charlotte. ¬†Very tasty Fish N Chips — Raymond ate all of his plus some of mine — he must have been hungry!

Fish N Chips

I had dinner with my wonderful parents at PF Changs. ¬†The place was jumpin’ (aka packed), but we managed to have a great time (reservations always helps)!

Sunday: {Biltmore House, Asheville, NC}

Biltmore House, Asheville, NC

Brunch stop at Mayfels in downtown Asheville. ¬†Delicious burgers! ¬†Too bad Dad ordered breakfast — the burgers were much better!

Lunch at Mayfels

It was a chilly day but great weather to enjoy the gorgeous house!  Walking picture tours are always the best!

Walking to the house {Mom, Raymond, Dad}

Dad likes taking pictures

Took us a few hours to see the house!  I was so happy to check out new rooms that have been refurbished and open to the public!  That was a nice surprise!

Mom & Me

Posing with the lion

"Happy Birthday..To Me" ūüôā

Monday: {Spa Day with Mom At Rock Barn Spa in Hickory, NC}

We usually visit The Grove Park Inn & Spa for my birthday, but due to their ever increasing costs, we decided not to go. ¬†My dear friend, Lauren Nix, mentioned Rock Barn so we thought we would give it a whirl! ¬†{THANK YOU Lauren!} It was fantastic! ¬†The morning started off with a hot stone massage, my first ever and definitely will not be last. ¬†The day was complete with gorgeous mineral salt pools and whirlpools. We ended the day with a pedicure and refreshing spa water. ¬†“Aaahhh”

Im happy to see the birthday¬†festivities¬†end — they are exhausting! ¬†ūüôā

Until next time….

Happy Birthday….To Me

As I mentioned earlier this week, I love my birthday! ¬†As the day gets closer, I find reason in everything to say “I deserve that because it is my very special birthday eve”..or day.

Well that day is finally here! ¬†I’m taking today “off” to spend it with my wonderful boyfriend. We have a few ideas in mind but, in essence, it really¬†doesn’t¬†matter what we do, so long as we have fun doing it! ¬†My parents are coming up this evening for dinner and {hopefully} dessert! ūüôā ¬†BTW..birthday dessert #2 also resulted in disaster. ¬†No more cupcake recipes for me!

Happy Friday … the 13th! ūüôā ¬†Check back with you on Tuesday. ¬†I have a few fun activities planned for the weekend: Biltmore and Rockbarn Spa, anyone? ūüôā

Birthday Dessert…Disaster?

My birthday is in a few days, and I tend to celebrate all week long. ¬†Those that know me best come to expect “Its my Birthday Week” proclamations! ¬†It usually turns into “Birthday Month”, then “Birthday Quarter”…but I digress. ¬†Ill say a big thank you to my parents for always making me feel special on my birthday. ¬†Maybe that is why 29 years later, Im still celebrating as if I was turning the big {insert age}.

I love desserts, and my birthday, and baking. ¬†So I decided to kick my birthday week off with a little birthday dessert surprise. ¬†I am a newly addicted Pinterest follower (if you dont know what this is, then you are missing out!), and found some great recipes I wanted to try. ¬†Some even claiming to be “skinny” dessert recipes. ¬†Even better!

Well here is a recap of what happened:

Birthday Dessert Surprise — Skinny Funfetti Cupcakes (recipe)

Start out with minimal ingredients — I like that — means it is cheap to make!

Beat the soda & cake mix together.  Easy enough, except when the beater started humming, Raymond came running over.  He wanted a taste.

….and so did Cody….

Bake at 350 degrees & wait for your yumminess…Okay…patiently waiting…

The timer goes off and out they come, except something is wrong. ¬†The big ones immediately fall in the center (never a good sign), and they have a much different consistently than I thought – spongey and …? Im at a loss for words.

I piped the icing on the cupcakes, went to take a shower, and came back to find them half eaten. ¬†Raymond is a dessert thief — he is like a puppy — never leave unattended and unsupervised! ¬†So no more pictures as they were destroyed by the dessert monster, and no more skinny cupcakes for me. ¬†Ill stick to the full fat kind next time.

Wonder what my next birthday dessert surprise will be?

Do you love your birthday as much as I do?  What are your favorite birthday desserts?