March Resolution {Learn}…

It is now March 4th, and I hope that spring is right around the corner.  I woke up Saturday, opened the blinds, scratched my eyes and said, “Is that snow?!”  Yep, it was snow … again.  I’m kinda over it.  Night night old man winter.  😉

Reminder of my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions or what I like to refer to as my Yearly Goals.

Pure & Simple 2013 ResolutionsSo new month which means a new set of goals. 🙂  I love setting goals for myself personally and professionally.  I also love having them broken down by month.  Much easier to swallow and tackle!

To recap, I blogged about my January progress here and February progress here.

March Resolutions

To expand on #2 a little more.  I have moved my wake up time back to 7:15am for the next 2 weeks.  I plan to work my way up to 6:30am … or earlier if I am ambitious. 😉

March is the month to learn! 🙂  I love reading books and I love those “self-improvement” style of books.

January I read “Life on the Wire” and loved it!  February I started “Getting Things Done“.  GTD is a little dated and a harder read.  I’m not flying right through it which is a bummer.

I plan to finish GTD this month and read Rhinoceros Success.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

What is your favorite “self-improvement” book?  I would love to add it to my list!

I’m crazy weird when it comes to reading.  I just have to type up a book review after each book that I read love.  It is the student in me.  😉  I plan to type up book reviews for books that I have read in the past few months and for any new books going forward.

Still to be typed:

Life on the Wire; Rich Dad, Poor Dad; Shed Your Stuff, Change Your Life.

I plan to achieve this goal by reading in the mornings (you know that new found time I have by getting up earlier), and typing out the book reviews at night.  I tend to veg in front of the tv in the evenings.  Typing up a book review doesn’t require silence like reading, so I plan to multi-task.

I have less than 31 days to complete so here I go! 🙂

What are your goals for this month?  Didn’t make any?  Maybe you should!  Spring can revitalize that energy within us all! 🙂

Until next time…

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Personal Goal Setting {Revisited}…

I absolutely love making and setting goals, so its pretty obvious that I love making new years resolutions.  Here it is February 1st and I realized I did not do much last month to move towards my goals and resolutions.  So I am revisiting.  This time — I have a plan.  A plan with some rewards built in!

Fitness Goals {Lose a few l.b.s}

  • Yoga class once a week (4x a month)
  • Go to a workout class twice a week (8x a month)
  • Lift weights three times a week
  • Run with Cody {my puppy dog} on Sundays
  • Extra credit:  swim at the YMCA once a week, yoga twice a week, work out a total of 5 days per week

Food Goals {It takes two baby — working out and eating right}

  • Keep a food journal with 90% accuracy (track what Im eating along with calories, sugar, and sodium intake)
  • Eat fruits twice a day
  • No alcoholic beverages on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday
  • Drink (2) 16oz bottles of water a day
  • Limit salt intake (I need something more specific here)

Health Rewards

  • Month 1 (February) — if I meet 3 in each category — new bottle of OPI nail polish
  • Month 1 (February) — if I meet 5 in each category — yogi toes (keeps you from sliding on your mat)
  • Month 2 (March) — if I meet 3 in each category — New workout tanktop/sports bra
  • Month 2 (March) — if I meet 5 in each category — New top and pants
  • Month 3 (April) — if I meet 3 in each category — take another yoga class (hot yoga is my favorite)
  • Month 3 (April) — if I meet 5 in each category — get a massage

Educational Goals {Increase my depths of knowledge}

  • Read 3 books a month
  • (1) Spiritual
  • (1) Biography
  • (1) Business/Self Improvement

I cant come up with any great rewards for the educational goals.  Have any ideas?

The Ideal Day Goals

  • Start at 6am (Im currently at 7am)
  • Walk Cody for 10 minutes
  • Drink a cup ‘a joe while reading the paper and daily devotions
  • Hour of business development (reading a book, doing exercises in said book, brainstorming)
  • Hour to two on large business development project (current project is writing content for my new website)
  • Blog
  • Check email
  • Eat lunch
  • Walk Cody (again)
  • Hour to two on business development project (emailing schools and moms groups about creating an organizing partnership)
  • Emails – Phone calls
  • Shut down computer

This girl enjoys sleeping in so every 2 weeks I set my alarm clock 30 minutes earlier than the 2 weeks before.  Eventually I will get to 6am — but hopefully in the most sustainable way.  I stick to the ideal schedule fairly well but have a hard time shutting down the computer at 6pm.

Do you have a plan for meeting goals?  I would love to hear your ideas!  {Seriously — I need creativity here because falling back on the same old routine is way too easy}