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Is it Wednesday already?  Where has the week gone?!  I’ve been a little quiet this week as I’m spending some time regrouping and decluttering.  Yes, even the organizer needs to declutter. 😉

I wanted to round up a few guest blogs in case time is on your side and you wanted to check them out:

{1} Jessica, from Savvy Southern Parent, asked if I would guest post about organizing.  I wrote so much she broke it up into two segments! 🙂  I guess I can talk for days about organizing.

Part 1: How to Get Organized When You Are Overwhelmed and Feel Defeated By The Piles

Part 2: How To Get Organized When You Are Overwhelmed

{2} I’m blogging over at SouthPark Magazine this week about Organizing Your Long-Term Storage Areas

Organize Your Long-Term Storage

{3} I’m sharing some organizing “tools” to organize your closet over at The Charlotte Moms.

Tools To Organize Your Closet

{4} I asked my dear friend, Cheryl Luckett of Dwell by Cheryl, for some decorating tips regarding my bathroom.  She wrote an awesome post complete with pictures and suggestions.  Slightly embarrassed that it is so boring and bland. 🙂

Decor Tips For An Apartment Bathroom

You might see a few more cameos on her blog here and here.


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Lastly — my new blog and IG friend Mari from Crab+Fish wrote this awesome post about thrifting.  If thrifting is something you enjoy, then hop on over and check it out. 🙂

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Guest Blogger {Dwell by Cheryl}…


Charlotte masquerades as a big city, but it really is a small town.  Everyone knows everyone.  I first met Cheryl through Twitter and we decided to have coffee to get to know one another.  When I arrived, Cheryl exclaimed that we actually know the same people … my boyfriend’s family kind of people.  Raymond’s sister-in-law is Cheryl’s co-worker and friend.  I said, “You are Beth’s coworker who started a design business on the side!”

We felt destined to meet. 🙂

Cheryl is the mastermind behind Dwell by Cheryl Interiors.  Business woman by day.  Interior designer by night.  Her work is fabulous!  And her blog posts are equally inspiring!

Closet Confessions:  Organization Meets Design

After contemplating a topic for Jennifer’s blog for days, I finally decided what better place is there in a home to merge form (design) and function (organization) than in a closet.  Of course, it begins with organization but I’m a firm believer that it shouldn’t stop there.

I must confess that I’m a complete closet junky.  Sure it’s where you store you’re apparel, but it can also be a pretty cool place to hang out.   I totally hang out in my closet; I talk on the phone in my closet, I’ve even been known to snack in my closet.  I know, I know, guilty as charged.   Nevertheless, if you’re going to have a hangout worthy closet, there are a few simple ways to create an inviting space.

Add a little color.  I’m a big fan of wallpaper, particularly in a small space.  In my first home, I used this pink and green Hawaiian floral because it screamed happy to me.

Not into wallpaper?  Try a bold color on the walls.  The bottom line is, the closet is your chance to let your hair down.  Why not canary yellow or passion purple or bubble gum pink?

Add some drama.   Nothing says drama like bling, so go all out and install a chandelier.

And don’t let the bling fool you.  You’d be surprised how many fabulous and inexpensive chandeliers you can find on Craigslist, at local thrift stores, and garage sales.

I found this lovely lady at a consignment shop for $20.  It’s huge and by removing the crystals and throwing them in the dishwasher, and adding a coat of spray paint, I had a $25.00 crystal chandelier that could easily be mistaken for one eight times that amount.

Lastly, if you’re going to have a hangout worthy closet, add a place to sit.  A seat in the closet gives you a resting spot to get inspired to put together those fabulous outfits.   It also just makes you want to linger a little while.

Finally, just in case you’re thinking, “I don’t have a large walk in closet so none of those ideas will work for me.”, remember it’s not about the size of the closet.  It’s about making the space you do have your own.

Happy decorating! Want more closet ideas?  Check out this post Dwell by Cheryl.


I love organized and “pretty”.  These ideas are great for both!  If you liked today’s post, then please leave a comment below.  We would love to hear from you!

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