Luck or Fate…

February 8th will go down as “one for the books”.  To say that I am over the moon about that day is an understatement.  No I didnt get engaged, married, or have my first child.  😉 However, just as equally amazing things happened on that day.

1) I was informed that I made it to the final round for a commercial.  Product: 3M Command Hooks.  I have one last test to pass and plan to blow it out of the water — I really REALLY want to appear in the commercial.

2) My guest post “aired” on the Money Saving Mom‘s website.  Crystal is a well respected and well known blogger, and the fact that I landed the guest post opportunity was huge!  The site has received 1,500 2,500+ views since the article was posted! {To give you an idea of how awesome this is — my previous record for daily views sat at 65} 🙂 The feedback from the post has been amazing — it keeps me motivated and driven.  Organizing is where I belong.

….before I go to #3….

I want to add that my luck is not that good.  I have never won large sums of prizes or contests or … anything really.  The fact that these two {huge} things happened in my life…on the same day….that aint luck…that’s fate! 😉

3) Carolina played Duke….at Carolina.  🙂 Two great universities and two great basketball teams!  Raymond and I dress out in all Carolina gear and throw down like 20 year old college kids again.  Gooooo Carolina! 🙂

Thank you so much for your support and kind words!

Welcome to all my “newbies”. 🙂