Where do you get those coupons…

Surprise for you folks today! 🙂  My dear friend, Lauren Nix, is guest blogging {again}! 🙂  She wrote a post awhile back that got a lot of exposure and comments — so she is at it again! 🙂


The QBIC {Queen Bee in Couponing that is!!} has made a return!!  I’m back and super excited that Jennifer has requested another round of my couponing savviness. My previous guest post, ‘Goodbye Coupon Chaos’, had some great comments and questions from her readers, therefore creating today’s spinoff post.

A few readers wanted to know who, or what websites, I follow for my deals.  My first experience with couponing, and very first transaction, can be credited to Crystal at MoneySavingMom.com.   Her site is GREAT for beginners OR seasoned couponers, such as myself.  Her site is very well rounded with grocery deals, retail deals, how to create a budget, and tips for a more simplistic life.  Once I felt I was armed with enough coupon knowledge, I ventured out to other blogs/sites.  Now, please don’t become overwhelmed because WOW…there is a TON out there!!  I researched a number of sites and finally found that Jenny at SouthernSavers.com works best for me.  She is my go-to girl for grocery & drug store matchups.

You’ll need to take into consideration the ladies (or gents) who run these blogs are widespread across the U.S.  Coupons and sales are regional and are subject to varying. I love Southern Savers because 99% of the time her matchups are spot-on with my current ad. However, there are times when she may have a slight variance in her ad. Therefore, I make it a habit to visit other smaller, local-to-me blogs for the most accurate matchups.  It is my goal to use coupons and time efficiently.

Organizing your coupons allows you to match your current store deals quickly & with ease; therefore, saving you time, money and keeping you on budget.  Otherwise, you’ll have one big pile of mess and will be more likely to quit before you even start.  Take the time to organize your coupons each week using whatever method works best for you and your lifestyle.  Check out my previous post here for solutions on organizing those coupons.

Another great tip is meal planning.  I highly recommend this for families of 4 or more.   You will be amazed at the cost saved each month by planning your meals around your weekly sales.  You will also be less likely to throw out expired foods.  Take a quick inventory of your cabinets before shopping–Use what you have on hand first!  Look over your sales ads and start planning.  I recently stumbled upon a meal planning site called Food On The Table.  This site uses your local store’s ad and compiles recipes with the current sales.   Super easy…and again, using your time efficiently!!  Hurry over to Food on the Table and get their online meal planning service FREE for life when you use promo code SPRINGFREE throughout the month of May.

Have any awesome tips?  I’m always game for extra advice! 🙂

Be sure to check out her blog as well:  Bella Pink Vida.


Thanks Lauren!  Such great advice!  I must say organizing coupons and planning your meals is a great way to use your time and money wisely.  When I know what’s for dinner everyday of the week, it makes my grocery shopping more streamlined, and my week less stressful.  Pesto Chicken tonight honey! 😉