Downtown Davidson, NC…

After a very busy week of organizing, Raymond and I decided to get out of the apartment on Saturday.  We were considering anything that allowed us to enjoy the beautiful fall-like day and take Cody along.

We decided to head up to Lake Norman.  He thought we were going to Birkdale Village … which we ended our day there.  But I had other plans.  I wanted to check out Downtown Davidson.  I have several clients who live in Davidson, and I have always admired the quaint downtown as I pass by.

Downtown Davidson, NC

After parking, we took a nice long stroll on Davidson College‘s campus.  It was beautiful!  Slightly reminded us of UNC’s campus with a Williamsburg feel.  We walked … and walked … and walked.

Davidson College

Next up was a trip downtown.  I was dying to go into the shops like Monkee’s and The Village Store.  But with a pup in tow, I drooled from afar.

We weren’t hungry but I would like to try their restaurants.  The patios were packed and the air smelled of lunch delight. 🙂

I’m thinking Christmas in Davidson is a must-see event for us this year! 🙂

Must Stay

Must Shop

Must Eat

A few more pictures:

Cody taking a water break. 😉

Yep, rocking the BLOC t-shirt


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