“How You Doin”…

Today is January 31st.  The first month of 2013 will be over this evening.  Where did those 31 days go?

I’m checking in today on my January resolution to take better care of my body.  How did I do?

Pure & Simple | January Resolutions

1. Drink more water.

Well I didn’t drink any soda.  And I had some but not a lot of tea.

I did better but some days went by with just a bottle of water downed.

I wasn’t at the computer desk every day all day this month.  I think it is easier to drink water when I’m home.  Must get better about drinking on the go.

2. Eat more fruits & veggies.

Yea, good on veggies, bad on fruits.  Aside from bananas and the occasional orange, I didn’t have much fruit intake.  Maybe I need to try different fruits.  Kiwi?  Pineapple?

Totally on board with the edammae snacks though.  Easy and delish!

3. Workout a minimum of 3 days per week.

I worked out a total of 7 times this month .. well 8 counting tonight.  Not exactly in line with the goal but better than nothing.  🙂

4. Don’t skip meals.

I did much better at this.  I went a few days without eating much for breakfast but am finding new ways to end this bad habit.  Overnight oats in a jar is one way!  I’m blogging out this tomorrow btw. 😉

5. *Bonus* Read one book.

March is the month that I plan to really focus on learning.  But I secretly made a promise to myself that I would read one book a month.  I chose, Life On The Wire, for the month of January.  I am happy to report that it will be finished this evening.  One chapter to go. 🙂

*That is not an affiliate link … I just really like the book. 


Overall I think being aware of my goals and resolutions helped me make better decisions.  I will excuse some bad behavior on my big birthday.  All the eating out and desserts didn’t help my waistline, but I enjoyed every minute of it as I know it is not the norm around here.

And the cold weather snafus don’t help with eating fresh and less processed.  When I’m stuck inside because there is an inch of ice on my car, I can tell you I won’t be choosing an apple over a cookie. 😛

All resolutions are an ongoing process.  I plan to continue to work on these habits throughout February … and the rest of 2013.  I will be adding something new to the mix every month but will continue to work on the above.

Maybe if I make a cute graphic like the one above, then I can print it and add to the refrigerator.  Seeing it everyday might serve as a good reminder. 🙂

How are you doing on your monthly resolutions? 🙂

Until next time…

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