How Do You Decorate for Fall?

Fall is my favorite season.  It marks the end of summer (thank goodness – too hot) and the start of something new (love the change).  Everything pumpkin makes it way onto store shelves.  Trader Joes Pumpkin Spice Coffee anyone?

This year Raymond and I really wanted to decorate for the fall season.  With me being in a new space, I was excited to have a mantle to decorate.  My old apartment didn’t have a lot of structure.  Thanks to Pinterest for inspiring some of the decor, and thanks to Jessica Barringer and Cheryl Luckett for inspiring me to try new things in the “decor” department. 🙂

And … a lot of this stuff came from Goodwill. 😉

Our mantel:

Fall Mantle

Starting from the left:

  • Ivy Plants – Garden Ridge
    • Everyday decor
  • Scarecrow girl – from Raymond’s Grandmaw 🙂
  • Wheat Grass – Home Goods ($15)
  • Be Thankful Burlap Wine Cover – Michaels ($3)
    • Trader Joes Cab inside ($3)
  • Candle
    • Inspired by this post 
    • The candle, candle stick holder came from Dollar Tree ($2)
    • Already owned the larger cylinder vase
    • Dried popcorn – Harris Teeter ($1.50)
  • Black candlestick – Goodwill ($1)
  • Pumpkin – Harris Teeter ($.50)
  • Frame with leaves
  • Lantern – HomeGoods ($18)
  • Golf picture – I plan to replace this with a mirror for next year. 😉

Little extras:

Entertainment Center Decor

I won’t give the full breakdown of this project, but let me point out:

  • Goodwill
    • Silver candle holder ($1)
    • White mini urn ($1)

The jack-o-lantern was inspired by this post.  I plan to add moss to the belly of the mouth … whenever I get back over to Michaels. *sigh* 

Pumpkin Pie Plate (Goodwill – $4)
Reminds me of the one Raymond’s Grandmaw used. 🙂

Everything I love about my favorite season (TJ Maxx – $15)

DIY projects that have yet to be completed. Now they are being used as patio decor. 😛

So — how do you decorate for fall? 🙂

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Until next time…