Weekly Menu Planner {Free Printable}…

If you do a lot of cooking, then you probably do a lot of planning for that cooking.  In this house, we cook.  In order to cook, we have to be prepared.  In order to be prepared, this chick needs to know what to buy from the grocery store.

Disclaimer #1: I hate making out a grocery list and I hate going to the grocery store.  Both are tedious and take up too much time.  Doesn’t help that I have to lug those groceries up a flight of stairs and unpack them … myself.  Whew .. tired just thinking about it!

Disclaimer #2: We eat roughly 3 meals a day … at home … each.  Unless I have a lunch appointment, we are both eating 3 meals a day at home.  Good for the pocket book and waist but something else you have to be prepared for.  When we run out of food, we eat out.  And I hate eating out .. often!

With that said, if I wasn’t prepared each week with a menu plan and grocery list, then we would never cook.  I’ve purchased menu planners from Target & Michaels for years.  I’ve borrowed menu planners from other bloggers for months.  Nothing really worked for me.  So I decided to make my own .. and share it with you! 🙂


  • Weather:
    • It might seem weird to include this in a planner for meals.
    • I like to cook based on the weather.
    • Example: 45 degrees and rainy.  We are having soup or pot roast.  60 degrees and sunny.  Salad topped with grilled chicken.
  • Plans:
    • I use this to write out meetings and appointments for each day.
    • If I’m having lunch with someone, then I don’t need to worry about lunch for me that day … only Raymond.
  • Dinner:
    • I don’t plan breakfast and lunch.
    • We usually eat the same things for breakfast each week.
    • We eat leftovers for lunch.
  • {TO COOK}:
    • I use the section for anything special I want to make that week.
    • Salsa.
    • Mini Apple Pies.
    • It serves as a reminder so I can easily grab the recipe and don’t let those groceries go to waste!
    • I hate wasting food.
    • I base our meals off what we have in the pantry and freezer.
    • This cuts down on the grocery bill … some.
  • I fill out the menu planner each week and then use the planner to write out the grocery list.  Yes I have a process. 😉  I’m a process kinda gal.

Feel free to print a copy for yourself.  And if you use the planner, then I would love to hear your thoughts?  Is it helping? 🙂

Weekly Menu Planner {Free Printable}

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How to Plan Your Blog Posts…

More and more people are blogging these days.  And I ♥ it!  Blogging can be anything you want it to be.  A business.  An online journal.  A creative outlet.  Any.thing.

The hardest part of blogging is content and planning.  Keeping readers engaged requires regular posts.  I personally don’t blog on the weekends but try to blog most days of the week.  Coming up with a schedule that fits you and your blog is first and foremost.  Developing content and planning what to say is second.

I’m always trying to better organize and plan every aspect of my life.  I try paper and pen. I try technology.  I try apps.  Anything is worth a shot once or twice.

I found this blog planner a few months ago and have been using it {successfully} since.

I plan my blogs a month in advance.  I also write most of my posts on Sundays.  If you are prepared, then you can continue to crank out posts on a day-to-day basis.

The planner comes with helpful pages to help track all sorts of stuff.  I only use the calendar and month-to-month pages {for now}.

I love seeing my topics sprawled out on paper.  It takes some of the pressure off.  It also helps with balancing content.  I try to include one organizing related post per week with a few fun random posts mixed throughout.  I also write the topics in pencil so I can easily adapt if a better topic arises.

How do you plan and organize your blog? 🙂

Enjoyed today’s post?  Leave me a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.

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