Organizing Garden Supplies for the Cooler Months

I thought today would be a great day to talk about organizing garden supplies for the cooler months.  I just spent part of the weekend throwing out plants, cleaning up planters, and organizing my “garden shed”.

Now is a great time to:

  • Clean out birdfeeders & replenish food supply.  My great grandfather used to say “Never feed birds in the summer – they need to tend for themselves when food is available. Feed them when its colder to help them sustain through the winter.”
  • Toss out dead (or dying plants).  Also, toss out any plants that dont fit within your garden design for fall.  Example: toss out bright colored impatiens & replace with fall colored mums.
  • Toss any broken or cracked planters
  • Clean remaining planters with mild soap & warm water
  • Sharpen & clean gardening tools
  • Pull out a calender to mark gardening chores (plant vegetables for cooler weather, sew grass seeds, weed, etc.)
  • Create a garden binder for next year (it will make sifting through all those plants at the nursery much easier!)
  • Binder: Include pictures or plant tags of flowers and plants that you want to purchase again — sketch of yard to showcase areas that get sunlight or shade — sketch can also provide a visual for perennials (you dont want to forget about those plants that keep on giving)!

Gardening takes a lot of energy in the summer, especially during the dog days.  Its nice to take a step back, reassess the plants and flowers, decide what you would like to do for the following year, and clean up and store your supplies.  When spring rolls around, all you have to do is go to the nursery (with your binder!) and start planting!

What are your favorite fall flowers and plants?  — Mine are yellow mums nestled among bails of hay and pumpkins!