Foodie Friday…

So it’s Foodie Friday and I have come up short.  :/

I got up this morning and frantically started flipping through my Recipe Binder and Pinterest board to find a recipe to showcase today.  I came up with nothing.  I want to stick with healthy recipes … afterall it is still January and those healthy resolutions should still be top of mind. 😉

But in all honesty … this is a great reflection of my life from the past few weeks.  If I don’t have a recipe to showcase, then I haven’t been cooking.  See when you have a big birthday like I just had, you end up going out a lot for dinners and such.  Going out means no cooking. 🙂

Business has really picked up thanks to recent PR.  But when business picks up, I don’t get much else done.  I especially don’t have time to write out weekly menus, type out a grocery list, and muster up the energy to grocery hop.  Raymond went to the grocery store 2 weeks ago (thank goodness) but we are now down to the bare bones.  We have eaten out a lot this week.  It is something I hate doing, but will resort to it if I don’t have time for anything else.

So I ask you … any good recipes you would like to share?  🙂  Even pointing me in the direction of your Pinterest Foodie Board would be awesome. 🙂

Until next time…

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