Holiday Decorating…

Was Thanksgiving really just 2-ish weeks ago?  It feels like an eternity! 🙂  I worked 2 straight weeks on the large project I showcased last Monday.  It was an amazing project, but left little time to do much else in between.

I did manage to get the apartment decorated however! 🙂  With help from Raymond of course.  😉

Our tree came from Hobby Lobby.  We debated for weeks: real or fake?  Since we don’t do anything half way around here, I knew a real tree would require a full day of heading to the mountains … etc.  I just didn’t have the time to devote to all that with the large project going on. :/  So we went with the skinny tree — a big fat waste of $150 if you ask me.  It looks nice but wobbly and cheap!

Living Room Decked Out

Living Room Decked Out

I love our sign over the door.  Hobby Lobby. 🙂 And totally worth the $15. 😉

Patio Door

Patio Door

It’s dreary today. :/

Christmas Patio

Christmas Patio

Ornamental Style ;)

Ornamental Style 😉

I love those mirrors!  I scooped these up for $20 a piece from Colonial Manor in Dallas, NC. 🙂

Holiday Mantle

Holiday Mantle

Mantle Decor -- love the lights!

Mantle Decor — love the lights!

The stockings were hung by the ... kitchen with care? :)

The stockings were hung by the … kitchen with care? 🙂

Wreath & Mirror Obsession

Wreath & Mirror Obsession

Slight obsession this year with mirrors and wreaths.. 😉

View into the apartment from the front door

View into the apartment from the front door

Front Door Decorating :)

Front Door Decorating 🙂

The neighbor said our front door decorations made her feel bad.  Ba-humbug anyone? 😉

Coffee Table Love :)

Coffee Table Love 🙂

Lantern Obsession

Lantern Obsession

Office Decorating :) Love those colors!

Office Decorating 🙂 Love those colors!

So, what do you think?! 🙂

Until next time…

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DIY {Fabric Covered Cork Board}…

DIY Fabric Covered Corkboard | Pure & Simple

I aspire to be a lot of things, one being a crafter.  I few months ago I successfully completed this project {DIY Fabric Covered Cork Board}.

I started with this picture.  Gift from my mom when I moved into my first big girl apartment … 6 years ago.  I knew the picture wouldn’t make the cut once I moved in with Raymond, so I decided to do something with it.

DIY Steps for Fabric Covered Cork Board

  • Take picture backing off.
  • Remove picture and glass.
  • Prime & paint the frame.
    • I used flat black spray paint.
    • I ♥ spray paint!
  • Attach cork to cardboard backing from original picture.
    • I purchased a roll of cork from Michaels
    • I attached with spray adhesive.
  • Cover with fabric.
    • I purchased fabric from Hobby Lobby.
    • I used duck tape to cover.
  • Pop the fabric covered cork back into the frame.

So… what do you think? 🙂  Successful?

I would like to do something similar with a distressed/weathered look.

If you liked today’s post, then I would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment below.

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25 Things…

1. I hate Hobby Lobby.

2.  I thought something was wrong with me.

3.  All my friends love that store!

4.  Then I went on a shopping excursion there …. today.

5.  Seriously, I might be in love.

6. Yes, with Hobby Lobby.

7.  Can you actually love a store?

8.  I know people who have an obsession. 😉  ♥ you Katy

9. Now I am not crafty.

10. Not a crafty bone in my body.

11. However…

12. Pinterest has changed my mind.

13.  Im trying.

14. You should see my apartment.

15. Hot.Mess.

16. Did you know that you cannot drill through fabric?

17. How about … you must make several trips to the home improvement store when working on a project.

18.  Totally not ideal.

19. If these projects dont turn out….

20.  I will be SO furious.

21. Yes I said projects.

22.  Up to 4 now.

23. At one time.

24. PS..crafting is expensive!

25.  I need some craft stuff organizing. 🙂

Until next time…