Buying Organizing Supplies from HomeGoods…

I have been in a HomeGoods kind of mood for the past few weeks.  I love thrifting and second hand shopping, but there is something magnificent about being around new stuff.

I snapped some pictures for inspiration when it comes to buying organizing supplies.  Sorted by room and function. 🙂



HomeGoods Entryway Table | Pure & Simple


Great shape (not too big and not too small).  I love all the drawers.  Perfect for those odds and ends that we tend to need when heading out the door.

HomeGoods Entryway Table | Pure & Simple


Another great option for the entryway.  Surface area? Check!  Storage options? Check!  Baskets would be functional on the lower shelf.


HomeGoods Bathroom Storage | Pure & Simple

I love this cabinet!  Functional and stylish!  Overflow beauty product storage could go in here along with towels.


HomeGoods Truck Book Ends | Pure & Simple


Kids love books and little boys love trucks.  This truck bookend set would look great on a bookshelf corralling those unruly books.

HomeGoods DIY Knock Off | Pure & Simple


Easy enough to recreate if you were looking for a specific color and design.  Adorable for a kid’s room to hold their works of art.

HomeGoods Kids Organizer | Pure & Simple


This would be adorable in a little girl’s bathroom for hair bows  bracelets, mini purses.  I would spray paint it another color.


HomeGoods Mail Sorter | Pure & Simple


Easy way to use up wall space for a functional need.  Store mail, magazines, catalogs in this holder.  It is wide enough to hold all the above.  When full, dump and sort.

HomeGoods Crate | Pure & Simple


This would be cute if you had several family members.  Each square could be their “inbox”.  Like a PO Box. 🙂

This big guy came home with me:

Ceramic Owl | Pure & Simple

What do you think?  Does he fit right in? I’m still working on the other decor options. 🙂

Pure & Simple Home Office

And don’t forget to have a little fun while shopping for organizing supplies! 😉

Jennifer at HomeGoods | Pure & Simple

Feel free to check out my Facebook album where I upload more ideas and pictures from shopping and thrifting trips. 🙂

So what do you think?  Helpful?  Do you love HomeGoods?  

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Creating A Landing Zone…

I talk about creating zones in your home all the time.  This time I actually got to do it! 🙂

Project Review of Organizing Buddy “D”. 🙂

“D” needed a place to land when her family walked through the door.  The biggest concern were her twin’s workout bags, bookbags, and school papers.

“D” also needed a large calendar that she could write down tennis matches, music lessons, and the like.

This is the wall by the garage door (aka where they enter the home) before we installed hooks:


Here is the same wall after we installed hooks.  The need here was creating hooks at varying heights for the different bags her and her family always grab for.  We repurposed the shelf as this was sitting in her bedroom not being used.  The hooks were from Lowe’s Home Improvement.

There was another blank wall that we planned to use for the calendar and wall pockets.

In process – we worked on the design of the wall using brown craft paper.

In Process of Organizing

Calendar Wall – After

She purchased a sign from OneKingsLane, but it had not arrived hence the makeshift placement holder.

Landing Zone Essentials for “D”:

Calendar from Paper Source

Paper Source Academic Great Big Wall Calendar

Frame around calendar from  Michaels

Wall Pockets from Marshalls

Wall pockets from Marshalls

Pin Board/Bulletin Board from HomeGoods

Bulletin Board from HomeGoods

Clock from World Market

Chantal Oval Wall Clock

So .. what do you think?

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