Look What I Can Do…

Okay so I don’t have pictures for the “look what I can do” title…yet.  I am a perfectionist and need to finish up some projects before showing pictures.  BUT I wanted to pat myself on the back for gaining serious momentum on the office. 🙂

I took apart a piece of furniture yesterday, only to put it back together again but customized to my liking. 🙂  I was SO proud of myself hence the title of this post!  To give you an idea of what to expect, this is a BEFORE picture of the office.

Now you can imagine what the AFTER will look like. 🙂

So things have slowed down just a bit around here which has allowed me to … pack the calendar with even more events. 😛  I guess it never ends and when it does that means you are done.

I have managed to blog for the past 3 days {woo hoo}, cook a few dishes {we have been eating out a lot}, and answer some emails that have been lingering since May {gasp!}.  Oh yea … I started working out more regularly.  🙂

When things get crazy busy, I find myself becoming a little … well … just crazy.  If there is a lot going on, then I have a hard time focusing.  That might be the definition of ADD.  I am trying to “be in the moment” more and focusing on one thing at a time.

As a complete random side note, I am thinking of buying an iPad this week.  If you have one — tell me about your experience with it?  Love it?  Could live without it?

What are some MUST have apps and uses for this nifty device? 🙂

Until next time…