Charlotte Today Appearance…

I intended to post about my recent girl’s trip to Blowing Rock.  We had a blast.  Tons of great pictures and great quotes.  Only to realize that I left my camera at my parent’s house. *wonk*wonk* :/

In the meantime….

Jennifer on WCNC Set

I will post about the Charlotte Today appearance.  😀

I’ve been the nervous type for years … as long as I can remember.  However, I seem to be doing better with my anxious nerves.  I tell myself “Nothing To Do It, But To Do It‘ and “People aren’t scary”  {that last one was borrowed from my mentor Angie} 🙂

Well, my anxious nerves were acting up last Monday.  I didn’t sleep well … at all!  I dreamt I was at the wrong news station.  I dreamt they told me to go home because I was so awful.

Wonderful dreams to start the day.  Then I wake up and it is pouring down rain!  I don’t know many girls who get excited about a rainy soggy day when they need to be dressed to the nines.

So I get ready, gather my props, and head out the door with Raymond in tow.  Traffic was jacked up thanks to above mentioned rain.  We took some detours and arrived with time to spare.  Time to shine … except I had an hour and half to kill.  Cue anxious nervous.

Raymond and I set up the props table and I walked around rehearsing my “lines”.

Pure & Simple Props Table

I hold my hands like that when I get nervous. :)

I hold my hands like that when I get nervous. 🙂

Someone walked up and mentioned that President Obama had a scheduled press conference for 11:30.  That would be 5 minutes before I was set to appear.  Awesome.

Watching from the Peanut Gallery

Watching from the Peanut Gallery

So the show started.  Raymond and I watched from the Peanut Gallery.  I shot my “teaser” and then the President tuned in.  Good gracious!  So we taped the segment and I tried to smile and have as much fun as possible.  I think it went pretty well!  Do you? 🙂

Having fun on set!

Having fun on set!

These ladies were awesome!  Thank ya'll for making me feel at ease! :)

These ladies were awesome! Thank ya’ll for making me feel at ease! 🙂

And here is the segment! 🙂

Until next time…

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