{Pouchee} The Ultimate Purse Organizer…

Are you a purse person?  I’m not.  I’m picky about everything and purses are no exception.  I prefer a one shoulder satchel style.  I don’t have time to switch out my purses every day based on what I’m wearing.  I also hate the abyss that is the bottom of a purse.  I lose everything!  Well if you are nodding your head in agreement … then enter Pouchee, the ultimate purse organizer.

Pouchee is specifically designed to fit inside handbags to make women’s lives easier and more organized.

Sign me up!  You said my favorite word, “organized”!

Pouchee Purse Organizer
Teal Cotton

My purse is slightly boring.  Raymond calls it my “Giddy Up Sally” purse.  😉  The inside is nothing to marvel at either.

Giddy Up Sally Purse.
Should it be slung over my horse as I ride into town? 😉

Messy interior.
No this shot was not staged. I grabbed my camera, opened the purse, “click”. 🙂

Contents of my purse.
I like to keep things contained hence the miniature pouches.

I think it is safe to say I could use a better system for organizing my purse.  Well what do you think of this?  *Bam!*

The Pouchee In Action!

I’m slightly obsessed with this product.  It is adorable and very well made!  I think I have shown it to every lady friend I have come in contact with.  I keep showing it to Raymond as well. I’m not sure he is quite as excited as I. 😉 *Pppsshh* What does he know about organizing a purse! 😉

I actually threw out the zippered pouches that held my lipgloss, floss, mirror, tylenol, etc.  Don’t need it.  Got rid of it.  Sold on the teal Pouchee! 🙂
Here are some deets:

  • Available at over 1,600 stores & www.pouchee.com
  • Cute, practical, and easy to use
  • Switch easily between purses
  • Keeps essentials organized inside bag
  • Expands to hold items such as cards, keys, pen, phone, lipstick
  • The Original Cotton Pouchee ($25.40)
    • W: 7.5″
    • H: 5.25″
    • D: 3.5″
    • Comes in 11 colors
    • Also available in leather and limited edition Posh collection

This would make a great Christmas gift for a friend, mom, or daughter.  Just sayin’. 😉

So what do you think?  Do you like the color and style?

Until next time:

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Pouchee sent me the item to try. I accept complimentary organizing related products for product reviews. The products I don’t like usually don’t make it on the blog, so if you see a product here, you know I like it!