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I love dogs! I have three enormous pups: two Newfoundlands, Armelle and Titan, and a Golden Retriever mix, Peaches.  Admittedly, I spoil my dogs, but they’ve accumulated quite a collection of toys… and I can’t exactly tell them to clean up after themselves.

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Most of the dogs’ collection fits in one of these categories:

  • Food
  • Grooming
  • Toys and recreation


I’m a huge fans of plastic tubs to keep everything in and hungry pups out!  I set their entire bag of kibble into a tall container like this one from Target, that way I can easily see the label.  I also keep dog biscuits in a similar, smaller container, as well as mini dog biscuits in jars around the house were I most reward them —like by the back door.


All three of my dogs have long fur and live in the house, so grooming is almost constant to keep shedding down!  I use a duffle bag as kind of a jumbo-sized “beauty bag” for the brushes, combs, and nail clippers.  I’ve also seen people who create a sort of “grooming station” in their homes.  For my dogs, it’s easier to have the grooming tools come to them and brush a little at a time!


For toys, I keep a big basket tucked in the corner and throw all their plushies, ropes, and other chew toys in.  I prefer to use something without a lid so the dogs can help themselves if needed… it’s always adorable when they let us know they’re ready to play! Tennis balls live right next to the back door, so I can have them ready to go if an opportunity to play fetch presents itself.


I try to take them to the dog park, or at least on a walk, every day (weather permitting) so I need to keep leashes somewhere they can be grabbed quickly and quietly to avoid a furry frenzy!  Wall hooks work perfectly, and there are several fun options available, some can even come personalized with your favorite breed or pets’ names.

These BÄSTIS hooks from IKEA totally made me smile!

Source {IKEA}

Source {IKEA}

I also keep a small drawstring backpack full of “travel essentials”, so I will always have tennis balls, poo bags, and treats packed for an impromptu trip.  Once the leashes go on, we’re in a rush to get out the door, so I keep everything prepared ahead of time… nothing like 300 lbs. of excited dogs to keep you organized and ready to go!

How do you keep your dog’s accessories organized?

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