A Few Of My Favorite Things {IKEA}…

Im thinking of starting a new series {yes another}. 😉 I’m often asked which organizing product(s) that I recommend for <insert problem>.  Or which company that I recommend for totes, bins, hooks, you name it.  So – here it is – a few of my favorite things organized by brand! 🙂  Enjoy!

Kid’s Toys & Closets

Trofast Storage Combination ($87.98)

Another way to use it:

For crafts (beads, jewelry), office supplies (paper clips, rubber bands), or kitchen supplies (dried beans, sugar, flour)

Burken Jar ($2.99). Available in 3 different sizes.

For Shoes (High Heels)

Fintorp Rail ($7.99).

See the rail in action (I couldnt grab the picture so Im linking). 

Love the shoe organizer on the left page as well!

For shoes (boots, flats, heels, anything really)

Billy Bookcase ($79.99).

Bookcase in action:

For arts & craft supplies (brushes, paint, gluesticks, pens), or kitchen supplies (forks, knives, small utensils)

Grundtal System. Caddy ($5.99), Rail ($8.99)

See it in action. Pg. 248

If you click on the pictures, then it should take you to the IKEA website.

Until next time…